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More Clarity please

posted Jan 03, 2017 19:09:03 by KarenStephenson
My darling transitioned to spirit (due to illness) October 21,2015, This began my search for the meaning of my souls purpose here, Your book, like others helped but left me with more questions. I have felt his presents and he has visited with me in dreams,(each time I ask if I can go with him, no answer) I've seen mediums and I've been told he's in the fifth dimension. Each morning when I wake, my first thought is damn, I'm still here now what. Thank god for my family, friends and their love for me. To hear and see him is my hearts desire to be with him in spirit would be joy and I think of that often. I need clarity on what my purpose is here in a place where I feel my life as I knew and loved it is gone. Going forward without my other half is getting harder and harder with each passing day.
Thanks, for any help you can give
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