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posted Jul 14, 2016 13:21:51 by Little Fuchs
Hello dear all,
first of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to Elisa, Erik and all your little helpers J Thank you very much for all the information you’re sharing with us. It’s such a generous gift and a very big deal for many people. Thank You!!
I have 2 questions for Erik, if they are duplicated, I’m sorry, I am new here J
1)      How can people of Earth feel more united? Since every living creature and all souls in all the realms are connected. But it is not that easy for human beings to comprehend this unity. We’re living in a society, where our thoughts can’t remain truly ours, because we’re being influenced by mass media, other people’s opinions and other random sources. For example, I am from Russia and I’m aware that Americans and Russians have a lot of stereotypes in their heads and are very judgmental and harsh towards each other because of cultural contrasts and things they don’t understand and don’t accept. But despite our differences, we are all the same. We hate and love, we lose and find, we learn how to be happy. Is there any mantras or affirmations, or meditations, or visualizations, which could help to eliminate all the gaps between people all over the world. J I really would like to learn all the stuff on this topic. J
2)      My second question concerns deceased famous people. I really enjoy reading posts about channeling artists, getting to know them and learning from their experience and wisdom. In the heaven there are different rules that work there. That’s why Erik is able to invite all these persons to communicate with us. But I was wondering let's assume I'm a prospective filmmaker and admire Ingmar Bergman and his work. He is not a relative or friend of mine. May I as an average normal person try and channel his soul in order to ask him for some advice or to ask his opinion about some artistic topics. OR to try and channel a Higher Self of a living film director, Jim Jarmusch, for instance. (I hope, Ingmar and Jim would forgive me :)) Wouldn't it be rude and disrespectful to ask them to communicate with me. I mean, souls have some more important work to do than to do that, don't they? Or whether they answer or not depends only on their personality and free will? And if they are willing to communicate, would they do it because they have some uncompleted projects on Earth and they'd like to make things done with the help of a living person. (We know, that souls don't have an ego, but what if the mankind and the whole planet would benefit from this project and it is really important to do it.) Or are these souls just generous and kind enough to share their knowledge and talent in order to help other people to fulfill their destiny?
I apologize for too much text :) Maybe Elisa or Erik or someone else could better paraphrase my questions, if they seem to be interesting and important to ask. English is my second foreign language and I did my best, sorry for all the mistakes I've done ;))))
Love & Peace & Light to the whole big ChannelingErik Family and to every soul in this Universe.
Best regards, Svetlana ;)))
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