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Questions for Erik re: God/Source and life on earth, polarity, and the evolution of the soul.

posted Jun 18, 2016 21:43:49 by RebeccaMartelKoegel
I have some questions for Erik that might be good for a video or the radio show :)
If the entire purpose of sending souls to earth, is to learn from the polarity so we can grow and evolve as souls, why did God create the earth BILLIONS of years ago with no humans on it? Was he/she not breaking off pieces of himself/herself back then? Or he/she must have because Earth has her own soul . . .
Why did God create animals before humans? Why were souls sent down as animals, which seems like less polarity and you learn less because of the lower intelligence. And yes, I know that Erik says all souls are equal and an animal is the same as a human as is a tree, etc., but it seems like we need our brain intelligence to experience the polarity and it doesn't seem like the lessons animals learn are of the same level or magnitude as being a human? Maybe that's why they chose to be an animal, the lessons they can learn are what they contracted to and wanted to learn?
So why couldn’t God have evolved the animal brains to be more intelligent - why were we given these bodies? Or did he start with animals and we really did just evolve over time into humans? So if we evolved into who we are today, with our intelligence levels and our egos, only now can we truly learn what we need to learn here on earth to evolve in the spirit realm, to be more evolved souls.
So, if it’s so important that we have this experience, and that’s the REASON we are here on earth, why didn’t God just create that billions of years ago? Why didn’t he just create the human body or an animal body with high intelligence and with ego so that we can evolve way back when? And if it’s so important that we have this experience, did he really create it for us if we evolved naturally over time from animals?
Do ETs and other dimensional beings go to other planets in physical bodies to learn and experience polarity so they can evolve, or do they all come to earth? Is earth the only place to experience polarity for growth or do other beings go to other places?
What is the end game? So we experience polarity and evolve and then we die and we are in spirit form again and now we are even higher because we've learned and grown and evolved, but what are we trying to get to? What is the end point? Why do we need to evolve? And if we come from God, why wouldn't we automatically be at the highest evolvement possible as I'm assuming that's what God is. Why would we come from him but be down lower on the scale so that we would NEED to grow and evolve? I know Erik says there is no hierarchy like no soul is more important or better than another, because that is based in judgment - but by his very explanation for why we are here on Earth, it seems like there is a hierarchy of souls as far as how evolved each soul is, how old it is and how much that soul has learned from being on earth.
Honestly, half the time I feel like we're one big science experiment lol! WHAT'S THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS?! ;)
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