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Positive "ET"/angel/star family contactee requesting help to reconnect

posted Jun 16, 2016 18:25:03 by WalterNowosad

In December 2010, I met 'them' on the ship - NOT in a dream. It was beautiful. They were expecting me; as, it was like a reunion and they'd provided a gift. I know they're real. It's been confirmed by 3rd parties in multiple ways over the years. I won't say how. I'm simply looking to reconnect with them to express my gratitude, in person; to acquire a deeper understanding of our relationship to each other; to know where they're (we're) from; to learn their names (if any); and, not as important: to know how they knew I would be there to provide the gift...when I didn't even know myself that I would show up. The meeting was a complete and unexpected surprise. While there were several at this "reunion" of sort, there is one of them, who had the focus of my attention during the event, who seems to be with me always, and that I'm especially interested in learning more about. Erik, if you can, please help me connect with them, again, as I had in 2010. I'd like to understand more about them (us); the purpose of our contact in 2010; to have a better understanding of their gift; and, to start having regular contact with them.

Thank you
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