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Seeking Deceased Father

posted May 02, 2016 23:05:15 by JeremyCampbell
Hello. My name is Jeremy Campbell and I'm currently 33 years old. Was randomly surfing the internet one day and came across your website (or was it fate that brought me to your website?)

Was reading some archival entries and came across one from March 23, 2010 (Creativity and Knowingness) and it mentioned "If you haven’t asked Erik a question about a deceased loved one but would like to, be sure to include the relationship, your name and age, the name and age of death of the deceased and the place of birth and death".

With that being said, I'm seeking a deceased loved one. My father, Peter Bird, was born on September 5, 1947 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He made his transition to the afterlife on September 21, 2014 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He was 67.

What I'm hoping is when Erik gets a chance, he can find my father so I can ask him some questions which are below:

1. What was his transition to the afterlife like? What did he feel? What was he thinking at the moment of his passing? Was anybody there to greet him on the other side? If so, who?

2. What is his afterlife like? What is he doing in the afterlife? He was a teacher during his time on the earth plane and I had a dream about him one night where he was surrounded by a group of children. Perhaps he's kept up his teaching skills in the afterlife.

3. Was driving down the road a few months after his passing and was rounding a corner when I swear I saw my deceased father sitting in the passenger seat of a car going by. He was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt which said Storrington (where he taught) with yellow lettering. Was that really him?

4. Does he have any messages to pass on to myself, his wife Mary, daughters Jennifer and Melissa or his grandchildren Daniel, Ethan and Audrey?

The best venue for the answers to these questions is via email. I can be reached at

Thanks to in Erik in advance if he is able to get in contact with my father. I get the distinct feeling he has been wanting to get in contact with his family since his passing.

Love and light to Erik and Elisa!

P.S. - I can say that I'm the proud recipient of an Erik prank (or what I think is an Erik prank)! Was backing into a park spot one evening and I heard a big BANG! My car was running perfectly so I got out to see if I hit anything (checked the top and bottom of the car). What did I see?! Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
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