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peace for family of 4 lost mother

posted Apr 23, 2016 07:35:52 by LorenaLira
Maria elena morales, sacramento California 4/1/1961-8/10/1995 i was driver of the accident that took her life. Family grieves and i would like to give them closur, please, please. Thank you!!
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LorenaLira said Apr 29, 2016 07:07:04
Since I read both books two weeks ago, which were both perfectly written, easy to comprehend, Thank you!! I have felt the presence of Erik!! Even my daughter mentions his name around our house, I haver never mentioned him to her. I ask her, where is he at and she will say "right here". She tells me to open the bedroom door All the way to let him in. As I stated in previous message to Erik if you can communicate with Maria Elena Morales mother of four who died in car accident, that i was driver in. Children need closure they suffer and miss mother dearly. Is she around them can she give them a sign. Thank you, with all my heart
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