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Higher Self Profile

posted Mar 30, 2016 20:43:39 by Mars Sentinel
Erik! Just, WOW man. Great work! Super interesting. I have been binge-watching the videos with you and your mom and Kim and Jamie. I completely and totally GET everything you have been saying. It feels right.

When your mom interviewed her Higher Self I was leaning on the edge of my seat. This feels wildly important to me.

I am wondering if you could talk more about the Higher Self, about the nature of its Being in general. I also have some specific questions that may help to focus the discussion in a particular way. Please don't consider the questions to be limiting in any way. I would love to hear your thoughts about the Higher Self from the perspective of the Higher Self rather than from the perspective of the incarnated person alive on the Earth. The questions are just my thoughts, although I find the thread of those questions wildly interesting.

So, the personality that is/was "Erik" alive on Earth, that personality is a sort of subset or an expression of the Higher Self/Soul to which it more or less belongs. Yes? And there is a relationship of that personality to the Higher Self. Mostly when we consider that relationship we think about it from the perspective of the personality, from the in-body human being's point of view, and we want to know things like "What is my purpose?", "How am I doing?" things like that.

But I want to know more about the perspective of the Being that is the Higher Self. I want to know -

1) Is the Higher Self a subset of some larger Being in the way the incarnated personality is a subset of the Higher Self? If so, what is the nature of that Still Higher Self? Does that pattern repeat "upward" infinitely?

2) What does the Higher Self want as far as having incarnations either on Earth or in other places? What does it seek and why? To what end? You see? Why go through all this drama of incarnating, of the pain, the seeking, the difficulties of living and dying? I know - growth/learning. But to what end? And what is the nature of the drive that leads to incarnation? Is it an emotional/"physical" need like the mating urge or is it more rational?

3) How does the Higher Self view the personality/person while it is incarnated? I mean - there is my Higher Self, hovering over me like a cloudy sky or a shiny sun, sort of looking down on me, (I view it sort of like a giant octopus in the sky with all these arms hanging down toward Earth, and at the end of each arm is a person alive on the ground) one of it's little appendages walking around, going to work, racing around on a motorcycle, watching TV, having yet another espresso at Starbucks, what does it think and feel about "me" the personality? Is it something akin to the feeling of a parent for a child? It is more like the way an actor or author feels about a character? Do I, the-guy-who-is-typing-this, feel like a "me" to my Higher Self? Does "it" look out through "my" eyes, feel the sun on my face, feel the confusion I feel when I consider what the hell is happening here on Earth? Does my Higher Self laugh at me? Does it see me as an "other" or does it feel me as itself? Or is it something altogether different?

4) What is the process for creating an incarnated personality like? Does the Higher Self take a personality inventory and select certain of its characteristics to put into an incarnated person? Is the process mechanical or is it more organic? Is it done intentionally or does it more or less just happen on its own in the way our dream "characters" just seem to pop up on their own?

This is just the sort of stuff I am interested in. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Oh, an aside: do you ever do things like meditation? I am wondering what it would be like to meditate in a totally thought-responsive environment. Are there states of mind that you can get into that would be the equivalent of deep meditation or trance from the Earth perspective?
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