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A question about a pretty specific paranormal experience I had in middle school...

posted Mar 25, 2016 10:14:59 by Jonah McCaskill
My middle school days are all a blur, so I can't really specify which grade I was in at the time, but this experience alone was burned into my memory forever. My frinds and I, all being band kids, were hanging out in one of the practice rooms talking about ghosts and whatnot as we tended to do at that time (we liked to think of ourselves as up-and-coming ghost hunters). Somehow we got on the subject of connecting minds and decided to try to do so. The first time around was a success: on this plane or whatever it was that we were connecting to, I was placed on what appeared to be the porch of a plantation house overlooking a tree-lined, dirt road up to the home. I ran down the road to a hill overlooking railroad tracks leading through a tunnel in the side of a mountain. I found one of my friends at the mouth of the tunnel and waved at him. He waved back and turned to wave at, who I found out afterwards to be, another friend at the other end of the tunnel. The connection was ended there. As you can probably guess we were all ecstatic, yelling in excitement and disbelief at what had happened. We decided to try it again, once more before the bell rang, to see what else we could do on this "plane". I discovered this to be a mistake shortly thereafter. We connected again, and I started in the exact same place as before, but instead of there being an empty road as before there's a little girl in a white dress standing at the start of the road. She bolts away from the plantation house and before I can run after her to find out who or what she is, something else pops into my vision, directly in front of me. I won't go into detail as to what it looked like, but it was terrifying, and definitely inhuman. The connection was broken and I ran out of the practice room, bursting into tears from this overwhelming turn of events. Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of it. For the next few months, I heard scratching on my walls and growling in my ears. I never felt like I was alone and I always felt like something was watching me. Whatever it was did separate from me at long last, but I can't recall how or why. Erik (or anyone alse who wants to chime in), if you wouldn't mind, could you fill me in on what this was as well as how and why it happened? I'd really appreciate it. Oh, and any other clarifying details that have elluded me that you'd be able to fill in would be very appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!

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