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Pre birth contracts please - how detailed are they?

posted Mar 24, 2016 15:50:25 by Liz Murphy
Hi Elisa, Erik, Jamie, Kim and everyone else,

I'd like to know more about our life mission and what we plan prior to birth please. How long does the planning take? What is the level of detail? Was I destined to ask you this for example? What is asked of us in terms of our life purpose? What if we don't achieve it? Do we have a choice about our next life? What's the process? Are you guided in your selection of a next life and if yes by whom? And what about the time and type of death we have. Is this already determined? Am I actually living a healthy life - but it's of no purpose because my death is already planned? What about souls and their original origin. Are some souls from other dimension or planets and how can we find out.

Elisa, Erik, Jamie, Kim etc - much love. This is a beautiful thing you do xx
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