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Previous posts or You Tube video - I am trying to find a particular one. Please help me to find it,

posted Feb 23, 2016 17:20:40 by WendyAnn
I have a question. There has been SO much information shared and given by Erik through Jamie and Kim, amongst others, on You Tube, and also the transcriptions by Elisa on the this blog. I know Elisa adds numerous "tag words" to each post on the Channeling Erik page so we can locate previous posts, but I wish there were an easier way to somehow sort the massive amount of information Erik and other spirits who are in the conversations, share with us.
Ultimately if it could be collated and put into a book, that would be fantastic.
But my main reason for this post is to ask, does anyone remember an interview with Erik where he discusses the universe and how Source "explodes" into millions and millions of pieces, so Prime Source can gain as many experiences as possible in all the dimensions. Then when Source has enough the universe "contracts" until the next time it happens again.
I have not explained well, but I hope you can understand that I am really trying to find which post, video or month this channeling took place so I can find it to read or watch it again.
Please help me here.
Love to everyone
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