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What's ahead?

posted Nov 02, 2015 13:20:40 by ChristySteen
When I was in my 20s ... I had a bone tumor on the back of my head. The doctor shaved it down but did not remove all of it because he didn't want to expose my brain. I'll be 47 on the 14th, and it seems like it's spreading... it's sensitive, hurts, bumpy, and dark pink. I looked this up and I was told that it's not cancerous, but after reading about what I have... if it spreads ... it's considered cancerous. I am the only one to raise my daughter. What kind of road do I have ahead of me? I'm scared.

I know when I was younger and I knew that bump was there I was so scared to have a doctor look at it because I was afraid it was cancerous. Then I figured if I don't have someone look at it, I could be making the problem worse.

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InMySacredSpace said Nov 05, 2015 14:44:15
The road ahead of you is what you make of it. Being scared is a choice. Regardless of what is or what isn't... you have the power to face it with grace, or with fear.

And if I were you, I'd head back to the doctor again if you haven't already.
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