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Erik my brother would you bring in Dr. Mikao Usui the founder of Reiki to dispell the lies & tell the truths ?

posted Sep 28, 2015 19:53:55 by Capoeira77
Hey what's good Sun ? Being the evolution of Reiki's traditions past , present , & future .. a student here on Earth I wouldn't want to disrespect the teacher himself & his original intentions . My wife is a student & became a certified Reiki teacher/master while she was here in her physical form & at no time willingly shared the symbols with me she kept to her word . My questions for Dr. Mikao Usui are as follows : Is the love that my wife & I have for each other in his heart the attunement I need to carry on our work here on earth through his system ; do I have his blessing ? It's been said he requested that the symbols be kept secret ; is this true & if so does he still feel the same way now in the spirit realm ? Does he feel as I do that Reiki in itself is God Consciousness within us all ; yet who seek the well being in health , truth , positivity & longevity of the entire universe thus supporting it's application/evolution in caretooning , nutrition , poetry ; etc. ? Due to the hipocricy are their well known teachers & so called " masters " using Reiki for monetary gain & if so is it true that he did not approve of the taking of money for it's services ? Should any " master " be telling any student what should be done with his system of healing ? Lastly with his blessing if so what can I do to better my own practice with respect to his personal ideals & perspective using my gifts of art ? I love you kid thanks for the love ; please if you can make this happen it will open up the doors to the unity& healing I feel we need .. you already know much love . P.S. keep toking
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