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Wonderful News!

posted Jun 20, 2015 05:22:54 by Dream Singer
Destin's website is finally taking off... Erik and Destin have developed quite a friendship and now Destin is developing his own "spin-off" website. Mothers who have son's who contact them from the afterlife is growing in numbers! Shortly after the website was started (besides the experimental page to have people hear him sing in their dreams) He has been on a mission to find a medium that could work with us on our budget and be closer to us here in Michigan. He sent me to my first Michigan Psychic Fair... I had no idea about these... but then I had no idea about Erik and his mother until Destin led me there, either. It was a long drive to Detroit to the fair and when I arrived I saw a table that had all the information out for each of the psychics inside waiting to meet us. I read all the information for each of them... and since I knew we were looking for a medium that would work with us on a budget for our website... I concentrated on that psychic gift since they all have different ones. And you won't believe this!!!! Destin led me to Trish, another mom that heard her son Zach's voice (after he died from an accident) immediately like I did Destin's!!! Her son was only 19 when Destin is 27... and he told his mom that he thinks Destin is "cool." The wonderful thing is that Destin opened up with her like crazy... he told me so much... like how his older brother who has a brain injury from the accident that left him in a coma... would be working "refurbishing" things... and then a few days later he did have an interview for a rental company that told him he would be fixing and "refurbishing" things... plus his brother helped him win a hearing today... The family thing is very strong for all of us... Trish said that Destin sorta followed her home... and she has agreed to work with us. This is SO wonderful, since Destin said my purpose in life is to educate the high school and college kids about drinking and adding acetaminophen to poison them... and now we have Zach... 19, which will help us relate to the younger high school kids... it is great!!!! All us moms need to reach out and help the ones who are grieving... Our mission is going to be a foundation that needs donations to flourish, while Elisa wants to make no money at all with her website... but we are all here to teach and help others first and foremost.

Please check out Destin's new website at and if any of you have heard from spirits before in your dreams... please meet and listen to Destin and invite him in and then tell us about your dream... This is his way of becoming "known" as an afterlife spirit that is here to teach the students... otherwise they won't listen... He says no one wants to hear another boring lecture on drinking and drugs... so we need a gimmick to get their attention and make them want to come! Who wouldn't be curious about what a dead person has to show them????

(smile) Destin is leading me all the way... he has this SO under control... It was SO planned... I believe it all now.

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