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Eric, please help my wife communicate with our son who passed away on Good Friday of this year.

posted Jun 15, 2015 20:49:58 by CraigReeves

My wife is having a really difficult time dealing with the loss of our son. Our son (Tyler age 17) died tragically in an automobile accident on Good Friday of this year. I believe I have encountered his spirit in a dream that I had a week ago and his older brother had a similar experience a week or so after the accident. I would like confirmation that indeed that was Tyler and not a normal dream. I believe a message to her from our son will start the healing process which will help her get on with her life. I think that Tyler has reached out to her but her grief has not allowed her to receive the message. This has been the most difficult thing we have ever had to endure but your website has been a blessing for me. I hope you can help. Thanks Craig Reeves
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CraigReeves said Jun 15, 2015 21:57:04
Sorry, I forgot to add his name: Tyler Reeves 17 died on 4/3/2015. Mother is Lora Reeves Crawfordsville, Indiana.
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