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Power of the OTHER SIDE.... time's running out.

posted Jun 01, 2015 19:35:29 by ChristySteen
Well I know even though no one posts on my topic something seems to help me get through my problem.

My problem now is time sensitive...

I just got a deposit from unemployment and will recieve my last deposit next Monday (6/8/15). I have a daughter to raise so not having $$ is going to be pretty darn hard. I know the power the other side has to make things happen. I'm in serious need of something GOOD to happy before funds are gone.

I have been applying for jobs and get interviews but I don't get picked for the job. I need a miracle...BAD.
I did have an internship and was really hoping that I could get another one.

Please oh PLEASE.... spirit guide, Erik, GOD, Jesus... I NEED HELP!!!

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