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Erick visit me at 5 minutes until 2am this morning, lol

posted May 16, 2015 06:14:39 by JanaKaiser
I'm surfing the net at almost 2am here in Ohio "everyone including all pets are sleeping" when all of a sudden I hear my Hallmark Halloween display go off, it's motion activated. I have it placed on the mantel above our bed, nothing could of set that thing off. Well, I wasn't thinking about Erik being able to set it off, lol At first I looked over at it and thought how in the world as my stomach dropped. Then I started to laugh and said thanks Erik. Keep in mind that thing hasn't gone off since October which was seven months ago. Surely the batteries in that thing has to be dead. He must of pushed it about four times because it went through all the cycles and back to the first cycle.
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JanaKaiser said May 16, 2015 13:17:56

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