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Hi I'm new!

posted May 06, 2015 11:55:23 by Sue DeSimone
I've been watching the amazing Chaneling Erik videos for - hmmm- 6 months maybe? I love them SO much. Lately, I've been listening to the Jesus episode nearly every night before bed. I am just blown away by it, and it confirms SO much that I have believed as a (bit leftist) "lapsed" Catholic. I watched the video of Erik's childhood and had a huge lump in my throat. It was bittersweet, but I KNOW he is happy and at peace, and that makes me very happy. I can't thank you enough Jamie, Elisa and Erik for the Light you bring into my life and all viewers.
Sue xoxoxo
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PiotrKowal said Jun 17, 2015 08:52:21
Hi. I'm a new person here to. It's amazing.

I have a lot of doubts because sometimes i believe in the afterlife. When i'm sad i don't believe. It's hard to write.

well that there are people like the author and others who help us overcome our doubts.
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