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so so many questions i would love answered

posted May 01, 2015 03:48:04 by JoeyLaneDavis
hello um i was just wondering about these types of "evil" aliens or whatever are the repitlans and the mantis real? and what are demons? what does it mean to be possessed? also im such a history nut i would love for some questions of even interviews with people from ancient egypt like some pharohs. and what is puma puku? was this created by aliens or humans what was the use for this? please please post some more interviews with people from the ancient past, i just crave the knowledge of what really happened back then. and one more how were we actually created? i dont think this has actually been touched on. so yeah some of the interviews just make me want to scream because they didnt ask some of the best questions! like with moses or jesus for instance so sorry about all the questions but i would love for you to answer some of these thanks!
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