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One color, One race, One nation, One religion, One language ?

posted Apr 19, 2015 06:12:17 by Onakai
Will the world become ONE mixed race and lose diversity in the future? Will this be considered partially good or bad (b/c nothing is absolutely good or bad)? Because somehow it doesn't feel right when all the races are mixed as one b/c every race has their own unique features (appearance, history, customs, culture, etc. behind).

Also, in the videos mentioning the Aliens, I remember the Aliens cannot fully reveal their existence b/c the people on this Earth are still in conflict (ex: war, discrimination, hatred, etc.). So, I was thinking since travel today is much faster and convenient compare to in the past; in the future, I believe, traveling will become even more advanced. So, will the world become one big race where war, discrimination, hatred will most likely be minimized? And till then, will the Aliens know that the human race has achieved peace and be more willingly to have open communications?

Somehow, the purpose of this topic is not intended to be on the Aliens, but I am tired of all the conflicts, discrimination, and hatred around the world. If everyone becomes one race, then wouldn't everyone be a global citizen? By eliminating the judgement on skin color, race, nation, religion, language, wouldn't the world be a better place?

This topic is debatable, there are good and bad in this issue, but I would also like to know if the only way to achieve stabilization and peace is to create an inter-racial global society?

Going back to the Aliens, I remember in one of the videos, Jamie Butler mentioned that the Alien presented her an image with a huge meeting table where the representatives of different worlds all come together. Jamie believed she saw a few "human" like beings, which if we assumed they are humans, are they in any particular race? Is it possible they are just identified as a "global race of the Earth"?

I am experiencing and witnessing discrimination and hatred from the society I'm temporarily staying and because of this I felt that people are often overwhelmed by their subjective views. If it is true that in the afterlife, there are no longer judgments, and everything is viewed as energies, then wouldn't it be the same without too much personal judgement if everyone is viewed as ONE?

I know that humans are social animals and likes to be part of a group to feel accepted. Plus, if people are view with similar physical characteristics, then resources and capital could also be shared more fairly, thus minimizing the gap for standard of living, income, etc. as well.

Sorry for the long post, maybe I am too idealistic, b/c even if the world becomes ONE, conflicts will still exist but perhaps the variations and degrees would be less?

Thank you so much!
Have a nice day~
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