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the Sacred Muscle - Fear- Survival - connection to earh

posted Apr 18, 2015 22:25:39 by HerminehAlexandrian
My question is :
Can Erik find one who can give us clues how we should use our psoas muscle to reconnect with powerful energy of earth? as according to Liz Koch , psoas muscle (the sacred muscle) literally embodies our deepest urge for survival, and more profoundly, our elemental desire to flourish. And because it is connected to the diaphragm, when we fear and have anxiety , we go deep inside which is safe (like Erik said in his Turtle post) so it affects both our breath and fear reflex.
I guess that's why most of us suffering from short of breath the reason is not in lungs but the very psoas muscle tension and our ancient struggle to survive, maybe our psoas tension and fear reminds us of our old past lives fears and survival issues.

According to Liz koch : "The psoas is connected to the diaphragm through connective tissue or fascia which affects both our breath and fear reflex. This is because the psoas is directly linked to the reptilian brain, the most ancient interior part of the brain stem and spinal cord. As Koch writes “Long before the spoken word or the organizing capacity of the cortex developed, the reptilian brain, known for its survival instincts, maintained our essential core functioning.”

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