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searching for my mother who is in heaven Judy ann Goodman

posted Apr 14, 2015 23:44:35 by KarenZimmerman
hi my name is Karen Zimmerman my mother passed away the day after Thanksgiving 2014. that day was the hardest day of my life I lost my best friend the one I talk to you every day I miss my mom so much I miss waking up and hearing her voice on the other end of the telephone telling me everything is going to be ok.I don't know how many times she has talked me out of taking my own life and she is the best mother I could possibly ever have. I miss her so much I just want to make sure she's OK and see what she's doing in heaven and what is heaven really like for her is it everything that she dreamed of and what has she done and what was her experience of crossing-over I'm leaving her body. I'm asking for Eric's help to help me connect with my mother and show me the way to keep in contact with her. that way she will always be around I miss her Eric please help me I need your help.
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