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miss my grand parents

posted Apr 10, 2015 17:41:42 by kerryuk
I never got to say goodbye to any my grandparents My nan Patricia Isabel Mansfield born 1922 had Alzheimer's and died in April 1999, my grandad Angus Edwin Martin born 1923 on my dads side died from a heart attack in November 1999, and my grandad (on my mums side) David Mansfield born 1920 died in June 2002 after a fall off a balcony at home. They were all living in Newquay, Cornwall UK. I was wondering if Erik can find them as I want to know there all ok. Also I was wondering if one of them came to visit me a few years back i was in bed when i saw blue twinkling lights I then felt cold feet, like I never felt before, it only lasted 30 seconds or so but I always wondered if it was someone coming to let me know there ok?
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