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posted Apr 09, 2015 22:26:08 by GeorgeAnthonyBanos
Since 2014 I've become aware of many things after my wife's passing . Elisa , Jamie , Erik thank you for helping me get back on track ; focused again . My questions are as follows : 1) Do our loved ones still hurt emotionally when they see their family grieving over them ? 2) Is it common for our loved ones in spirit to feel fear when getting accustomed to home (heaven) gain ? Would it be possible for Erik to contact my wife her name's Cristina . She was 52 when she passed away ; she passed away in & is from Rio De Janeiro , Brasil ( Although we met & married here in the U.S.) Needing to bury my wife has grounded me to the point in our union where I can see her now touching leaves on a plant I instinctively look to out of nowhere , feeling her ; she was strong on Earth . I would like her to be able to say what she may want for her son & or myself ... most importantly this type of confirmation that she's okay . I love you guys very much take great care .. peace brother .
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InMySacredSpace said Apr 11, 2015 13:56:13
1) No, they don't hurt. It's very difficult for them to feel negative emotions where they are. That doesn't mean they don't have empathy for you, but it's also part of the reason they are very keen to let you know they are ok and that you don't need to grieve.

2) No, they can't feel fear where they are. Why? Because what they are (and what we are) is unconditional love. Fear is created when we cannot see what we really are. The only place that happens is here, in the physical plane, when we forget what we are. That's what allows us to feel fear, and subsequently, experience becoming love once more.

She's absolutely ok. They're never not ok :) The fact that you can already see and feel her is great, and if you keep working toward that, you'll also be able to communicate with her yourself. Just focus on clearing your own emotions (blank slate) and then ask her to talk to you and see what you think/feel. Just look at it objectively without trying to immediately analyze it, let it flow. And practice :)
GeorgeAnthonyBanos said Apr 15, 2015 14:45:19
Hey thanks for your response ; you're appreciated . I know she's good you're speaking truth . I love to feel & see these responses & I'm excited to be a student in this space we're sharing . Take good care .. have a great one .
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