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Questions from me :)

posted Apr 08, 2015 15:47:35 by guadarama
Hi Eric and Elisa,

I've been reading your blog and watching your vlogs for quite some time now, and the knowledge you have shared has somehow given me courage over death and more positivity towards how I should live my life. I have also started to reflect more about my spirituality and I am looking forward to some positive changes because of this newfound connection and interest with the afterlife and the real deal about the universe (I have always been curious).

I don't know how to send an email personally to your Mom, Ms. Elisa, as I have some questions to ask. But oh well, I would just like to have a general question here, I've always been scared of knowing my future and yet, excited for it somehow -- especially the good bits. I'm also in a transition in my life, spiritually and other factors, and I think I need some sort of assurance or motivation and guidance to know if I'm on my way to fulfilling my destiny or at least to inspire me to keep on going. What do my guides or angels say? I'd like to know, I'd like to channel them too, but sometimes, I'm scared. I guess this is a first step. I hope I can find some way to connect with them.

I hope that when you get time to ask the guides (I dont know how it works, should I give more details? I dont want to give out my private details in public though lol), you respond to me via email or heck, you can just have Eric talk to me over a dream or have my guides do that. I'm really at this point of my life when Iwant to know things, but of course, not get discouraged just in case there's bad news. Sorry I'm confusing.

Anyway, I've been sharing what I know to others too. I've always been a deeper meaning of life junkie and I like to pep talk people (sometimes better them than to myself). And I'm happy what I've learned here are helping others, I guess I'm channeling you guys, to them, in a very human way I guess.

Keep it up and I'll stay tuned! :) You guys are awesome.

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