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My love ones on the other side

posted Apr 06, 2015 14:50:42 by CrazyFerretBug
First I'd like to tell the family:
My deepest condolenses to the family of Erik. I hope he is in a happy place now and that his family will find peace.

I lost my son in 1991, he was 16 years old when he was shot and killed by his stepfather. Now I'm 60 and I still miss him like hell every day. Hope Erik can tell me if he is ok.

I lost my big brother in 1976 when he got lost at sea. He was supposed to come home in a few weeks after a long time working as a sailor. We never knew what happened to him. To loose him crushed me.

Reading about Erik's passing gives me memories of my dear little brother who shot himselves at age 20. We never got to know why he chose to end his life and it still hurts so much. This year he would be 46.

Love from Eva in Norway

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