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The loss of the love of my life and the light of my life

posted Apr 05, 2015 03:01:36 by PaulaKayJohnson
On March 15 my 18 yr old son took his life with a gun. I have never felt such pain. I feel lost without him. I have been reading many books addressing suicide in numerous ways, and found yours to be the most helpful for me. Jareb did not have any religious beliefs although when he was younger I used to talk about reincarnation and that we are all here to learn lessons. I'm not sure how much of that he took in. I can accept his choice as it was his to own, but I really just want to know he's okay and that he can communicate in some way with me. We live in Fruitport Michigan. I would have never guessed in a million years he would have done this. Erik, please help him to communicate with me so I know he's okay and at peace.
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