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How do I get rid of the fear?

posted Apr 04, 2015 09:06:24 by Johanna Nakamura
I've grown up with stories about spirits and other entities from my family, so it wasn't surprising that I would one day take up an interest into that world. At age 12, I picked up my very first book on psychics and the like and tried out a simple grounding technique, but before I could finish it, I snapped out of whatever trance I was getting myself into. I realized later it was a very deep fear, because for all the cool stories my mom would tell me about spirits contacting her through dreams (she could probably a medium if she wanted--not very sure if she'd be interested, though), she also had her fair share of near-possessions, which scared me more than her I believe. Ever since then, every time I would try to meditate to either contact my spirit guides or open my third chakra, etc., the fear just keeps blocking me out! I'm always afraid a negative entity will take advantage of me opening up and harm me. I don't know what to do. I really want to be able to contact my Higher Self and be part of the beautiful realms that everyone is only just beginning to discover, but my own fear is holding me back.
Anyone have any recommendations or advice?
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