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the Tom Cruise and John Travolta incedent with the scientific releigin.

posted Mar 31, 2015 21:04:24 by LaurieWambeke
I am wondering how far back this will set us back in getting others to not be afraid we are as manipulative as this religion apparently has been. I know we are not a religion but We have the past life healing part to us. I feel some can take the pain of loosing a loved one and making money from them to hear news from the beyond. But I also feel the world is evolving to weed out and bring to light negative aspects of all. I am proud to be a part of that and to have Erik in my world. He waves shadow hands that i can see often. I saw him full face once. but his hands daily. One day I asked him to verify it was his hands and when I checked my emails that day he had a post up of pictures of him and several were of his hands. the very first one was and a nice one. big smile on his face. He is my go to coach. He brought me so many of my releatives and has helped me send lost spirits over. I'll ask if I have to stop eating first he says no. so we send lost souls over while i drive and we go around old farm sites setting free so many. My dog has gotten to like him he gives him this look of oh you and then just plops back down. He used to look at the ceiling and freak. He told Jamie he would work with my dog and he is. Thank you for sharing him he has filled a lost feeling in me. I was feeling used like that song he sent you and by you sharing him with us I feel a lot of us have had that feeling filled. Let it fill you when you feel that way. Bless you nameste laurie wambeke but pronounced wambach.;)
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SamanthaLoveKaufman said Apr 01, 2015 04:03:40
So you saw this, too?! Blew me away. I had never previously heard of Vice, but they do quite a thorough report. Keep wondering what Tom and John will say about their involvement.!
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