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Cousin Killed in Afghanistan Under Suspicious Circumstances

posted Mar 31, 2015 03:27:03 by SamanthaLoveKaufman
My cousin, James Edward "Ed" Chaffin III, was an officer - special forces (equivalent of green berets...rangers maybe?). He was killed in action last year ago in March. the whole thing has been so hushed up by the govt. They stalled bringing his body home as they didn't have "all of him". The liason officer actually spoke a little out of line saying a little more than he should have, but said something about black ops. When they brought his body home, his whole "troop" escorted his body all the way from Afghanistan. At the funeral, they were so polite and told us how much they honored serving under him and that anyone of them would've given their life for him. it's a year alter and we still don't know what happened to him. it's quite painful for us all. He was such a fine young man.

My daughter and I were at a gallery reading and he did pop in to say hello. He told us how he loved the flowers at his funeral, so many flowers. It was springtime. The church was packed with his troop and so many young men with new families underway. I think we got us the most were the retired military guys on motorcycles lining the back of the cemetery holding American flags. It was a beautiful day.

Anyway, I wish Erik could touch base with Ed, even if he doesn't get back to me, just to let Ed know we are all trying to reach out to him, love him and miss him very much. Tell him I will always think of him as that blonde curly headed shy little boy who grew into such a strapping young man that demanded the kind of respect and devotion to lead an army.

Thank you!

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