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Is laying on of hands real or is it religious woo woo?

posted Mar 29, 2015 17:51:13 by aaronrewired
I had a psychic reading recently and was told that I am a healer. I told my reader that I had become Reiki certified years ago and he said that I was more that Reiki, that I could do laying-on-of-hands(Loh). I am not religious and I desire immediate proof of a healing and have found very little success with either so called ability of mine that more than one psychic has told me about. Erik, I need your help with this. What is the difference between Reiki and Loh? Do they involve me simply visualizing someones disease or illnesses or disability or addictions going away? Is that it? Just visualize it? If yes, then despite truly wanting to help people to feel better, I have had some success but desire much more clarity. I have even tried mantras and intention words or prayers for the religious people. I have invoked Saints, Jesus, prime source energy, angels, my inner child, my higher self, guides, etc... and it's not working. WTF?

On a side note, one possibility that I do believe works is that we heal through music. As a pro musician I can write meditation music, funny songs, or dirty songs that embarrass people like Jamie Butler, all in an effort to help people to feel better during good times or bad times. I get that part fairly clearly, but this is not what Loh is in my mind. I was also told to meditate to communicate with my guides without definitive success. I've also tried to listen for Erik's voice, but I must have ADD, that ain't workin' either. I am a good guitar player and writer, but a shitty Loh/Reiki healer.

My ship is sinking ... --- ...
*wounded healer, reiki certified, laying-on-of-hands, medical stigmata, three nde's, professional musician, master electrician, computer technician, website developer, photographer, freemason,
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InMySacredSpace said Mar 30, 2015 12:34:30
The only difference is semantics. Both are abilities are based in belief. I've heard people say that reiki doesn't require the receiver to believe in order for it to work, however, if the receiver does not believe and they do not address the underlying emotional issues that resulted in the need for reiki healing to begin with, then the problems will return. There some who say that everyone in the world is an aspect of yourself, so you should focus on what it is WITHIN YOU that is causing their illness and heal it.

Because the entirety of this existence is based in belief, there is no right or wrong way to heal. You find what is comfortable for you and what works for you and you use it.

As I mentioned before, you cannot heal people who do not want to be healed or who believe they cannot be or should not be healed. And just because someone says they want it, doesn't mean they believe in it. If they are doing it as a last resort but still have a closed mind, obviously their belief is not in the right place.

This is relevant to both belief as well as contacting guides:
aaronrewired said Mar 31, 2015 19:06:43
Great article, thanks.

During my last reading I was also told that I could communicate with my deceased son/guide if I would meditate. Well, I have had no didactic exchanges with him at all. My version of meditation Erik called 'active' meditation. I need to be focused on a writing project or learning more about my guitar, listening to talk radio or watching Erik videos. This is when the synchronicities happen for me. Where words that I hear or read will resonate well with me. Right there, resonation is my sign. I like the idea however of having a conversation with my son so I will never stop trying, and I do get impatient at times. My attempts at traditional meditation had me falling to sleep or just watching the ADHD monkeys in my mind climb the tallest trees.

Recently my guide steered me toward this amazing site and another. The latter is a woman from Minnesota called Echo Bodine. I am going to buy her book called "Healing Hands" and it will answer many of my questions about this healing touch that I possess.
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*wounded healer, reiki certified, laying-on-of-hands, medical stigmata, three nde's, professional musician, master electrician, computer technician, website developer, photographer, freemason,
InMySacredSpace said Apr 01, 2015 12:54:32
Having a traditional conversation in your mind with full on sentences and coherent responses is expecting a bit much. Spirits simply do not communicate solely in this fashion - often spoken words are an absolute last resort. Reason being, words are inherently limiting. More often you'll get words and phrases in combination with images, feelings, downloads, etc.

I have the most success in the moments before I fall asleep or just as I'm waking up.
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