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Closure ...

posted Mar 28, 2015 16:47:09 by LandraWelborn
Hi im Landra. Im a recent fan and follower :) I wish I could have known about Channeling Erik years ago. But I guess timing is key. Elisa, I know you have a lot of reading and i know Erik is a busy soul too lol. Ill try and keep this short. On June, 24th 2009 my father, Steven E Welborn had passed away early morning from an accidental overdose. During all of this my Mother was in the middle of stage 3 breast cancer and was very sick and tired. I was 13 at the time and so my life had completely flipped, we moved states, everything changed in so many ways and so did my mother... My dad and I were so close, he was my rock and the person i went to for anything, he listened..Without him I feel empty and lost. Maybe its just me but in the last 6 years i haven't had a single hint that he is there, why? maybe its my low energy. idk.. but i need some closure. I just want to see him, hug him and talk to him again. Erik would love his personality lol :P thank you guys for everything. love and light.

Hi :) Im Landra! i wish i could have known about Channeling Erik a long time ago. So much knowledge and closure here! So Ive had to do some catching up! lol I've gained so much from the videos and reading :) Erik is such an inspiration. i have so much to say but little typing space but i do want to thank all of you!! Love and Light.
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