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posted Mar 26, 2015 13:05:30 by
My boyfriend and I both resonate as star seeds, he was the one who really woke me up spiritually and helped me realize all these things about the Universe. He showed me Erik and Jamie's video's which led me to reading your archives and I can't tell you how much it has helped me. As much as I believed in myself I still had my ego doubts and your blog has really changed that for me and shown me a lot of the small questions and technicalities that was keeping me from fully accepting it all. Reading over your blog and realizing the truth behind my beliefs has been a happy experience, I am truly blissful as I now hold all this information about myself. A few years ago, before my boyfriend, Scott, awakened, he was being followed by some spirit that was driving him insane. It was messing with his thoughts and emotions and led him to be too scared to even sleep before it began becoming physically violent with him. Awakening as a star seed and pushing it away is the only thing that kept him from killing himself. We went to his brother's house recently because of renovations and I came to him concerned because I wasn't sleeping well and because I was constantly on edge as soon as we arrived. I had this constant feeling someone was watching me and like something was about to happen, a shadow would come out and grab me at any second or someone was following me or standing right behind me basically. As well as I kept seeing this horrible image of a face in my head that I couldn't recall if it wasn't being 'projected' there every time I closed my eyes. I can't even tell you what it looked like now. We worried about his brother because this presence felt similar to as before and he was obviously depressed and having a lot of issues he was too afraid to talk about; it all sounds so crazy! We decided to talk to him about spirits when we realized a large problem. We believe it followed us home. We have a wonderful, loving and accepting relationship. We talk about everything and sharing our star seed roots and discussing the universe brightens us both and we could talk for hours. Lately, we've both been having extreme trust issues with each other, even though the other has done nothing. He is a caring and loving person and yet talking to him about my fears suddenly seemed stupid. I get this voice in my head saying he doesn't care or love me and that if I come to him with a problem he will basically respond like a monster. This isn't like him and I know this. And if I follow through with these conversations he always receives me well. On his end he feels the same, that I am constantly irritated with him and that I don't want to be here anymore. Which is all untrue and I give no sign it could be. We both came to realize last night that we both had this same voice in our heads telling us these things we know aren't true. I'm very empathic as well and he(the spirit) throws my moods all around the place day and night, sometimes leaving me extremely afraid or angry or even suicidal. Last night we shed it all and decided we needed to reach out for help to make this spirit leave before it ruins us.The first thing I thought of was Erik and I have been thinking about him and speaking to him since. I'm getting more in tune with my guardians and I had a dream last night that was purely about communication and I knew I needed to speak out and seek help(Was that you or my guardians, Erik? It spoke to me a lot and gave me strength, even though it was random I could see the point). So(I'm sorry about the long story) my questions for Erik are, What is following us and why? Are we right to believe that we are star seeds and from where? He believes this is a personal attack due to something he may have done in a past life as a Pleadian, is that why? And if you have the time, we believe something has been protecting us from receiving the full force of these attacks, we both think I have a grey speaking to me! This may be wrong but we do really think we are being protected, and forcefully at that, so my last question is who is it and why would they help? I know you need more specifics like name and location and everything which whenever you get around to this I'd be happy to give in an e-mail, it's the name I use on here just Thank you so much!
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InMySacredSpace said Mar 27, 2015 00:41:48
Universal rule #1: Everything is love.

Universal rule #2: Belief creates reality.

Universal rule #3: Like energy attracts like energy.

Universal truth = oneness (all is love). Duality (the notion that there is something in the universe other than love) = illusion.

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