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My Grandparents/My Dog Snoop/John Bonham/Dimebag Darrell

posted Mar 26, 2015 04:38:19 by TimWalker
Let my grandparents Elizabeth Walker Gurney 95 Hackettstown,NJ and Lester Gurney 88 Hackettstown, NJ know that their grandson Tim Walker scattered their ashes at the Boy Scout Camp I went to (Rodney Scout Reservation), Lester and me were both Eagle Scouts and tell Lester that I said "Don't Worry Lester." Also anyway you can let my dog Snoop (14) know I still think of him and I wish I had another dog. Any chance, you can speak with John Bonham (Drummer from Led Zeppelin) and Dimebag Darrell (Guitarist from Pantera)
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aaronrewired said Mar 28, 2015 21:42:30
Was just going to ask Erik, Elisa and Jamie to channel, record and upload to YTube, John Bonham when I saw your killer post Tim! Here is why: Years ago I was looking to learn a Zeppelin tune from YTube on my guitar. So I typed in the keywords 'Led Zeppelin' and hit enter and one of the search results was a video "Ten Years Gone" by a band called Virtual Zeppelin. I loved it and soon became fast internet friends with their lead singer James(Jamie)Dylan. The band eventually produced 5 videos under this name and they had never even met in person. The lead guitarist is also the producer and is from Japan. Jamie and I are both from Wisconsin and are both musicians. Their bassist is from Canada and their drummer is from Texas I believe. One day I saw that Jason Bonham was coming to Milwaukee and I bought tickets to his show where he would cover his father's music. I went to Ytube to see how the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience sounded and lo and behold, who was fucking singing? Yup, James Dylan. Jason had watched those same Virtual Zeppelin videos the rest of us were watching and invited Jamie to come tryout in Florida. He got the job and he had to keep it a secret as they rehearsed which is why he never told me. Tour info: When John died, the mighty Zep had to cancel their last leg of the tour which was supposed to include 30 more shows. In 2010, Jason decided to finish that tour for his dad and one of the stops was right by me. Because I had helped Jamie with his website and built 3 smart phone apps for him on Google Play, I get back stage passes every time I see them. I am going to two more of their shows this May 2015. I hope Erik can either bring him in for a Butler/Medhus reading or send him to you and I in a dream Tim, because I owe Jason big time. I would love to share some special info with Jason from John at the next show. One time, after the first show in 2010, I thanked Jason for bringing his father's music to us and told him how I had teared up during the show when the video footage of John played behind Jason on the giant screen during "Levee." Jason started to cry and left the Green Room. We had to chase him down for autographs. He gets very emotional talking about his pa.

Thanks for posting Tim.

RIP your grandparents, Lester, Snoop, John & Dimebag.
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