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Is That Erik's Voice I Hear In Another YouTube Video?

posted Mar 25, 2015 05:17:25 by MichelePizzuttiElliott
Hi Elisa, Erik, Jamie and Blog members!
I posted the following on Facebook: Channeling Erik Blog Member Group, on February 14, 2015:

Hi everyone! It appears that Erik's voice is captured again in the YouTube video Channeling Erik: Interview with Small Gray Aliens, Part Three. I would suggest starting at 11:57-Jamie: "The increased use of the 6th sense ability."
12:00-Elisa: "Ahh..Can you activate mine please right now?" Listen carefully at 12:06....Is that Erik saying "No"? What do you think?
One of my comments to my post was the following:
I went over the video again and I heard the following, at approximately around the following:
11:55-whispering (sounds like it could be Elisa or Luke)
12:36/12:37-Is it?
13:04/13:05-voice sound
13:07-whispering (sounds like it could be Elisa or Luke)
13:22-Lemurians? (which sounds like it could be Luke)
Can clarifications be made regarding the voices that appeared in the YouTube video at the times indicated above?
Thanks and Blessings
Michele ☮💗🌟∞
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