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The Spiritual Side

posted Mar 22, 2015 08:41:38 by markwearefree
Dear Erik,

I'd like to ask you, if when you talk about the spiritual side of the disease and the great amount of energy used in order to overcome it, if this effort is valid also from the today incurable disease, such as hiv, or if in that case this effort is useless.

Thank you for sharing us all of this wisdom.

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markwearefree said Apr 09, 2015 17:56:18
I'd like to up this topic, first because is said that hiv has his own consciousness and a frequency which is different from the 3d consciousness, maybe higher, two because is said that in the near future we will become able to use the 100% of our dna, use more strand of that, all of the 12 strand, and we will be able to auto heal ourselves.

Thank you in advance to everybody who will contribute to this discussion
InMySacredSpace said Apr 11, 2015 14:06:04
You can already heal yourself. Disease is experienced in two ways - contractual, in which case the soul agreed to live/die with this disease for a specific reason. It's a part of the life plan and most likely it will not be healable.

The other way is physical manifestation of emotional state. In this instance, the disease is self-created/attracted and as such, can be undone. A healer can come in and temporarily heal this person, but unless the person themselves does the work to heal the emotional state which is causing the disease, it will return.
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