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Electrics in my flat

posted Mar 22, 2015 21:53:41 by HannahMarieChisholmMaloney
Not usually one to think that's strange if we have any strange occurances with electrics, but I'll tell you the story of just the other day. I had decided I was hungry so I went to the kitchen to cook, switched on the cooker and it wouldn't work? I stood for a minute trying to work out why or what had happened and thought maybe it had shorted out somehow, but the weird thing was everything else was working in the flat apart from cooker. Then I thought, " it can't have broken we only brought it 4 months ago"? So I walk to the main box in the hallway and every switch was up and where it should be, but I switched it off and then back on to see if that helped. Walked through to the kitchen but nothing, So I brought my small halogen cooker down and tried plugging it in, but surprise surprise that wouldn't work either. So I walked it through to the hallway and it wouldnt work there either, or in the living room for that matter, but everything else I plugged in would. Now I was becoming a little puzzled, so I walked back to the main switch and pressed it again and then my main cooker decided to work. I thought phew at least that's working. So I eventually had some breakfast. Later that day I was explaining what had happened to my hubby and went to plug in the halogen just to show him it was no longer in working order and it lot up as bright as the sun, working how it should have been in the first place. It was so strange And bizarre. Someone had me a good un
That day! Lol. It was only a month ago I was drying my hair and it went bang, but not only my hair dryer decided to stop working that evening, so did my straining irons. Ummm something is definitely happening in my flat and I would probably say it's Erik because a lot more has been happening since following Erik's story. You naughty boy if it is you lol
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lilyofthevalley said Apr 03, 2015 08:05:04
I think he visited me too.. my dog started barking like crazy while watching a video.. she only does that if someone shows up.. she runs to door starts barking but she was in the middle of the kitchen.. I looked outside nothing.. I said o be quiet its just erik.. and she stopped.. lol
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