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Connecting with my father

posted Mar 21, 2015 19:19:04 by Petra Schulte
Dear Erik,
Reading your moms and your book has helped me be more alive now (I joined the church choir to sing more rather than wait for it in the afterlife). I also appreciated all the info on Jesus and God. Thank you!
I would love to connect with my father whose body died February 25, 2013 in Germany (PT 2/24/13). His name is Hans Schulte and he likes to fly gliders.
I had one powerful dream about him 9 months after his passing where he and I waded against the currents of a strong river. I tried to follow him but couldn't keep up with him, so I climbed up a steep bank to follow him on land. When I got back into the water, he was gone.
The dream told me that I couldn't follow him on his journey into the other world. I would love to connect more with him in my dreams and hear from him and learn what he is feeling and thinking.
Thank you for the great work/service you and your mom are doing for all of us :)
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Petra Schulte said Apr 12, 2015 04:51:33
My dad was born and died in Paderborn, Germany.
Anyways, after I posted the info I had a dream about my deceased grandma. I was yelling out in joy when I heard her. It was wonderful.
I am still hoping to connect with my dad, Hans Schulte. I just want to know that he is okay and not lost.
Thank you Erik!
Petra Schulte said Apr 12, 2015 04:54:33
Oh, my dad was 84 years old when he died.
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