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Where is heaven

posted Mar 18, 2015 14:12:08 by Keren
Hi. It seems like i'm the only one out there with this question: but where is heaven? I understand that heaven is a different dimension. But does each habitable planet have their own version of heaven encircling their own planet? Or is there another area entirely (i'm not sure if area is the correct word). I'm just wondering... as I haven't heard of earthlings bumping into too many aliens up there, so where is their heaven (the aliens). And if one were an alien before and now want to become an earthling for awhile where do you go to learn about their planet. Do you go to their heaven? This has had me pondering for quite some time, all the Dolores Cannon books I have read, as well as Michael Newton haven't answered this question for me. I would love to know what Eric has to say on it. Thank-you kindly.
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InMySacredSpace said Mar 18, 2015 14:58:12
It's all one big Heaven. Delores covered it in not so explicit terms in Convoluted Universe book 1.

I wrote a blog post sort of about that:

Imagine our physical universe (and all accompanying parallel unierses) being the center of the sphere, and the "heavenly" realms being the outer layers.
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Keren said Mar 19, 2015 09:06:31
Thanks so much for answering me, it is very much appreciated. Your blog is awesome. But, now I'm more confused than ever..haha! I recall the piece in Dolore's book, and in one of Erik's blog posts he mentioned something about going through the black hole (if I recall correctly). Being multi-dimensional beings, I suppose it could be possible that like the soul is to the body, heaven is to the universe? Or are you saying that it is almost like an aura to our universe?
InMySacredSpace said Mar 19, 2015 13:00:15
Like an aura to the the physical universe would be a good way to think about it. We're the chewey center of the Tootsie Pop :)
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