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The Real Deal with Spirit Communication and Protection

posted Mar 17, 2015 03:58:00 by Samanthahhi
First...I'mean desperately seeking answers to my questiins here, so pleaae just stick to the topic at hand. I'm an intuitive who has been doing readings on the sidelines for years and am now finally stepping up to the plate. I'm self trained and so I wanted to get a better feel for how others do readings. Watching Jaimie and listening to Eric has made me feel a bit more normal in the sense that I'm down to Earth about it.

My question/concern is this: In casting this wider net to understand my ability and how to go about things, I have been reading the Anastasi System, Level 4. The author delves deeply into protection from negative spirits and those wanting to use you. Yes, I surround myself with white light and ask for the highest and best communication for the individual for whom I am reading. Yet, the degree to which the author discusses protection just feels overboard to me. My spiritual reality just doesn't pick up on all of that woo woo kinda stuff.

So, I wondered, through all of Elisa's training - being that she came from an atheist or non-religious background - what her viewpoint is on the need for protection and beliefs on negative spirits wishing to do you harm and all of that? Can Eric provide some insight on what bases we really need to cover when receiving info from spirit and communicating directly with someone who has crossed over?

I'm really in need of feedback and I am really hoping for some solid guidance here.

Thank you,

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SamanthaLoveKaufman said Mar 18, 2015 14:07:06
I was hoping you would reply. About 15 minutes after I posted this, I became aware of your posts and followed to your site. I saw 2 of the posts you wrote about. Thank you for a full listing, I will read the others. Every time I've encountered a new spiritual venue or modality, I find myself cringing at all of the pomp and circumstance, all the rules and the "devil gonna get you if you don'ts". I feel so repelled by those admonishments. I'm not all woowoo about spirituality, it just simply IS for me, a natural part of being-ness. To smile, to be open and joyous, to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is my mantra. I love Abraham-Hicks for all of that! I hear of weird stuff happening in spiritual circles because an entity walked in. I suppose that could happen based on that person's beliefs, but it's simply not mine. But I don't want to be arrogant and, thus, ignorant and totally wind up in a big mess.

I like having a candle or a few as it grounds me. I like wearing stones that feel "right" to me at the time. I enjoy having a glass of wine with a group of women in a reading. I enjoy the casual and enjoyable nature of the exchange with Spirit and the subsequent intensity when we get down into the nitty gritty of the matter. I just needed to hear someone say, that's all okay. Sometimes it feels that we are all on separate islands and so it is challenging to know the current influences within the spiritual give and take nowadays. I saw your site and somehow I ended up at Glade's site ( All of a sudden, I feel like I am opening up to a whole new attitude of "realness" (not necessarily all the airy, fairy stuff which I feel is too time consuming and time wasting and - not to all, just to me) within the intuitive services field. Thank you for the that!

Are there some intuitives that influenced you in your openness or fearlessness and if so, who? I am so hungry to feel surrounded with like-minded individuals. I live in SC and they still aren't accepting of mainstream people as intuitives. It's like you have to be on the fringes to be considered the real deal and in this day and age, people need to open their eyes to the spiritual revolution happening around us becoming mainstream.

Would love your feedback. I think it helps for us to share some of this in the forum for others who may feel likewise, but let me give you my email address for a more private conversation beyond the forum: (hope it's okay for me to leave that).
InMySacredSpace said Mar 18, 2015 16:12:51
Well, honestly, the people I found most influential were the ones who seemed to be terrified! It just made no sense to me. Ever since I heard, "Belief creates reality" it just clicked. What you believe is what you get. Everything is love - unless you think it's not. It's just sound philosophy, to me.

I guess Conversations With God was probably the most influential thing for me, and that mentality. It wasn't really about finding a mentor who had those beliefs - in fact, I feel like the vast majority of mediums out there are fear-based. But as my psychic development teacher said (who is also somewhat fear-based, ironically), "Just because you're psychic doesn't mean you're spiritual."

So in that sense, it was really just a decision. I decided it wasn't worth my time. Better things to do, better attitude to have.

I know what you mean about the airy-fairy stuff. One thing that really annoys me are spiritual teachers who are so caught up in being artistically expressive that the average person can't understand what the fuck they're talking about. lol Taking spiritual concepts and presenting them in practical ways that the average person can understand is extremely important for the masses.

I would say one person who had an impact on me is actually my friend Teresa who lives about 5 minutes away from me :) She's a practicing psychic. I met her in my development class:

She has her own group:

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