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Why am I having to go through life alone with no family

posted Mar 13, 2015 21:03:22 by JamesNelson
My mother Mary Ann McKissick was shot and killed in 1971. I was put in a children's home and grew up with no family. I lived in 13 homes before I was emancipated at age 17. Do I have guides and guardian angels guiding me through this life? What was the purpose for this? Why have I always lost those I loved? I'm not sure if I am doing this right or if I am way off base, but I really need some answers.
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InMySacredSpace said Mar 13, 2015 21:31:07
Yes you have guides and guardian angels. Everyone does (usually 2 GAs and at least 1 primary guide, and then a host of others who come and go).

As far as the whys and what is the purpose, I would recommend that you pick up a couple of books: Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, and also Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz (also Your Soul's Gift).

Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch is also one that I recommend to just about everybody if you want to know the basics.
JamesNelson said Mar 13, 2015 22:29:00
Thank you! I own all the Conversations With God books:)I would like Erik to maybe have my Mom visit me in a dream if possible:) Thanks again
aaronrewired said Mar 28, 2015 22:17:16
Hi James,

I have been taught that we come here under a soul contract. We sign up for this life. Prior to incarnating as a human, we sit down with our guides and figure out which human lessons we want our spirit to experience in order to help to expand our soul. Obviously, our consciousness survives the body and we have free will or wiggle room while we are here, but the contract dishes out the good with the bad regardless. As Robert Plant once sang, "cryin' won't help ya, and prayin' won't do ya no good." I think intention work or prayer can work for us, so in my book Robert had it half right.

But, sometimes it feels so overwhelming that we want to leave here. At least it did and still does for me. When I moved religion out of my way and eventually had 3 near death experiences, I realized that I was going to be okay on the other side. I was not met by an angry deity shaking his finger at me in the clouds. I was met by relatives and very helpful spirits. We are going to be just fine when we leave here and even the bad folks are here for a reason. I keep trying to leave the earth plane, not through suicide, but through lessons, and they keep bringing me back to my body which of course means I am not done here. I am so sorry for your extremely difficult life and I can't tell you everything about my past but it was very, very bad. Things done to me that were always out of my control. I am forced to live out my solitary life with disabilities and without my own family too. A bit different from your story, but lonely nonetheless...

Take care
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