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My mom, Margueriette , Gilbert, Danny, Eric

posted Feb 25, 2015 18:01:31 by DaveHyden
Death is not one of those fearful subjects for me. I know we will all go through it. I think of a few people in my life who have gone from this dimension, Margueriette Duane Jones, my mom. Taylor Stewart Hyden, my dad. two brothers and one I never met. A friend Gilbert and a childhood friend Danny. I think Danny's death was the first I experienced where I was actually interested in the details of it. But it's not his death that I remember but the warm friendliness he brought to my world. Also Eric Sqiure what's he done since we last talked in the flesh?
I'd really like to experience more of my psychic self. One question about my career, it's no secret I would rather not work my current my 9 to 5 and I love my creative side, which is a part time side "job" hobby. Is it possible to know when and if my artistic side will bring in a livable or better salary than is currently happening, and if so, when?
I came across this site through a you tube search on something a few weeks back. Since then I have watched most of the videos, and read many of the stories here. Dr. Medhus reminds me in several ways of my own mom, very precise and science like, but with a questioning heart and acceptance to the possible truths. I send light and love to all who read this and those on the other side. Erik, when you do visit, I'm not into pranks, but a visit is fine. I have several questions but they may seem strange so I'll not ask anything more than I already have. Be blessed. David
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