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Needing help... please

posted Feb 21, 2015 22:27:21 by ChristySteen
I'm going through some struggles right now and one of them is feeling unwanted and useless.

I have a daughter and I feel that she is actually the only one that I am on this earth for. I would really like to know, ERIK, why do I have to sit on this earth and continue to struggle and suffer in this pain of depression?

I know many say that GOD will only give you what you are capable of handling, if those that have committed suicide could of handled their problems then they wouldn't of committed suicide.

I need some thing ... a reason... a goal... some thing for me to know .. to understand why I am really on this earth?

I struggle with back pain, with depression, PTSD (domestic violence), anxiety, struggling to find a way to make a decent stable income. I am tired of having to ask for help all the time, tire of wondering how I'm going to find clothes for my daughter. I just need a clarification about my future and why I am here... why do I have to keep struggling. I'm so DONE with struggling... I'm so tired of hurting inside and physically.

ERIC, I know you come here to read these and give people answers. I am really needing answers.

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HannahMarieChisholmMaloney said Feb 23, 2015 21:05:25
Hi there, I can feel your pain, but you are not alone, with the right support networks you can get the help you deserve and start to feel that there are people out there to help you at times of struggle. They will also help you with what you are really looking for out of life, what you want to gain, what your good at etc. I have done many stupid things over the yrs, made the wrong chooses and suffered with depression as a result of bad health and other problems in my life. My husband also suffers with a mental health condition called Bordeline Personality Disorder and he has a terrible time coping on a everyday basis. Please don't think you are Alone because you are not, you deserve help just like any other human being. You must love your daughter to bits and I'm sure she loves you as much back, working on making changes for you and your daughter won't be easy, but it will change with support, guidance and a change in your life as a whole. Keep reminding yourself of the positive reasons you are here for, for example, To love and cherish your daughter and to be the great mum you are today. You will find what your likes and dislikes are,what your great at what you need in life to change things for positive reasons.It's never to late and we are all learning everyday of out lives until the day we die. Remember there will be something that your amazing at and I'm sure the main one right now is being a fab mother. I recommend writing a list of the positives you can think of, it always helps and it will start off the changes in your life that you are wanting to make from today. Good luck and if you would like to chat at any point please feel free to e mail me. Lots of positive energy your way and prayers 🙏
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