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Contacting a friend and my nan

posted Feb 21, 2015 13:29:47 by HannahMarieChisholmMaloney
Hi Erik how are you, just like to say your fantastic and I love following your story. There's a couple of really important things I need to ask you but firstly I'd like to help my friend Shez. She's in a bad way and has been on self destruct since her son, my friend Luke had an accident on his motor bike and crashed In to a football post. We had all been out that night drinking and it was the last time I saw him. Since 2001 Shez has never been able to deal with the fact her son died like this and has had different ideas about what happened that night on the field. I think she just needs some closure really for piece of mind. Did Luke just have a genuine accident that night or did more happen? Is he ok in the afterlife?? And does he visit myself and Richard his best friend (my hubby) including his mum a lot?? My hubby sang Tears in Heaven for his funeral and everytime his sang it since the disk jumps?? Is this Luke trying to say his there?? Also one last thing I'd really like to say hello to my nan Ena Johnson. I love you nan xxx luke Wilmott raunds, northants uk.he be 30 now. My nan Ena Johnson wellingbrough northants uk. Died age74 around 15 years ago.
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