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Wanna Play Pool Boys? Okay Erik and Destin... Here is your challange!!!

posted Feb 19, 2015 01:55:46 by louietune
In the last conference call I was SO impressed with the relationship between the two of you
giving high fives and all... Erik, you were so proud of Destin for practicing moving objects so
soon after his passing Nov. 1st... SO... I had a dream... I am sure it was Destin telling me to
set up the pool balls on our pool table so the two of you could prove you have been here. So the
very next morning (Feb. 7th) I set the pool balls up just as Destin asked in my dream. He even had
me place a ruler to show exactly where they started... I asked you Erik what number you picked and
the number 12 (stripes)came to me, and Destin picked the number 7 (solid)

Now you both verified that I was not crazy in that conference call... that
every contact I had from Destin was real... and you told me Erik, that it wasn't
hard to find Destin (my son) that all you had to do it come to our house. So you
know where we live...

At the end of our conference, I invited you BOTH to come... and I haven't heard from you...
and even Elisa mentioned not hearing from you in awhile Erik... so are you both out doing
it up in Heaven or what?

Anyway... I want you to know the pool balls are set up and this will be a fun way for you to
show everyone that you are in touch... and you both are having fun~~~ MOVING OBJECTS.

I love you guys... Hope to see these balls move soon!!!! LOL

And Destin... our Blog is underway...


PS... I love this sign you gave me in the hospital Destin... every one of your friends
that you loved calls me that now... and they did it on their own!!! Then when ERik
called me that... I knew it was in stone!!! Our sign of people you approve of here
in this life... and the afterlife.

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louietune said Feb 19, 2015 01:57:41
Just had to post something more...

This is from a documentary that I felt like you wanted me to watch Destin...

And when I saw this in the beginning... I knew.

Thanks honey!
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