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Erik, will you fulfil your destiny, will you be a hero?

posted Feb 14, 2015 18:20:05 by Peter

The earth longs for a hero that has “balls”, that can stem the tides of darkness, but can your mysterious gift make you that hero.

Everything you and your mother have done so far, has prepared you for a mission that is much larger and more important than you can ever imagine. Right now, you have a choice to fulfil that destiny or just be another channelled entity.

I'm going to give you an opportunity to plant a mustard seed. Not many people get that opportunity. You will not initially understand the importance thereof. Only in a future incarnation will you fully appreciate the difference you have made – the hero you’ve become.

People are suffering, people are dying - you are their only hope.

The mission is simple, but only you can fulfil it, because you have prepared yourself. Your mission is to identify and convince a benevolent alien, such as O-Qua Tangin Wann, who is willing to prepare me and my brother to free a small group of people that are innocent, helpless and oppressed from the approaching darkness.

Will you fulfil your destiny, will you be a hero - only time will tell.

Peter & Paul

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South Africa
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InMySacredSpace said Feb 17, 2015 13:37:02
Only those who believe themselves powerless require heroes to rescue them.

"Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you."

Suffering is only experienced until one realizes they need not suffer.

And before you ask... do not confuse pain with suffering.
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InMySacredSpace said Feb 17, 2015 13:44:42
Jamie (laughing): That’s a funny image. All right. If you can imagine a magnetic board and there’s a magnet of a person, like a cartoon person and they’re the victim, right? So, all of the arrows of how the energy flows point at the person.

Me: Yes, that makes sense.

Erik: It’s all about them. They’re wronged; they were harmed; they were mmmmm! OH SHIT! This is such crap! It’s such fucking dirty smelly shit.

Jamie (stunned): Oh, my god!

Me: Erik!

Jamie: Now, he’s showing me an image of that magnetic wall. There’s an image of a cartoon character that’s the same, but 50% of those arrows are pointed outwards.

Me: Oh!

Erik: THAT, is how a victim is. <b>You have to put out to allow yourself to be the victim so that you can receive that “I’m a victim” energy.</b> You know it doesn’t have to be with sexual abuse, mental or emotional abuse. It could be with passive-aggressive techniques where you’re allowing yourself to be victimized by kindness and you constantly choose to sacrifice yourself to please this other person so that they can manipulate you, you know, and then you never feel good, and then all of a sudden you realize you’re being the victim. Well, 50% of it’s your fault, Buddy, because you didn’t stand up and say, “I’m done. This is how I really feel. I don’t like the way you’re touching, talking to me, or allowing me to behave or blah, blah, blah, whatever.”
Peter said Feb 17, 2015 21:12:16
So the victims of Hurricane Katrina don’t require heroes to rescue them?

“Only those who believe themselves powerless require heroes to rescue them.” It sounds cute and esoteric, but it’s not always true. Anyone with free will can exert power over someone or something else. Just ask any abused puppy.

South Africa
InMySacredSpace said Feb 17, 2015 23:55:29
You know very well we are talking about two very different situations. Victimization and natural disasters don't exactly fit in the same category.

Everyone with free will who chooses to exert power over someone else signed up to do so before they came here just as everyone with free will who is the subject of such an exertion. Animals agree to such contracts as well... at least according to Erik.

But what we are really discussing here is the idea that humanity needs some sort of savior. Erik is the new Jesus?

All of the external conflict within the world today is but a reflection of the conflict within each individual, projected outward, action and reaction after action and reaction, building to a collective heap of shit of our own creation. And on an individual level, nobody really wants to take responsibility for their part in it. I guess it is easier, from an emotional standpoint, to continue blaming the world around them. But that's only going to serve to keep them in a state of helplessness, believing themselves to be inadequate to face their own problems and trapped in lives where they believe themselves to be at the mercy of circumstance rather than conscious creators. That's the shitty part, though... they'll still be creating, they'll just be creating what they believe, which is that they have no control and are in need of someone to save them.

Belief/thought creates reality, I suppose, is a cute esoteric thought. And yet it is the foundational principle of the universe - according to Erik and a myriad of other spiritual teachers and channeled entities and ETs and angels and whatever fantastical energetic beings can be conjured from the bowls of creation. There's quite a bit of irony in the notion that we create our lives and then pretend we don't.

It boggles my mind sometimes how people fight tooth and nail against self-empowerment and just continue to willingly hand their power over to others. But I guess that's why the world is the way it is. It's not an easy pill to swallow.
Peter said Feb 18, 2015 15:00:32
Hi, Ash

I agree that people must take responsibility for their actions and stop “blaming the world around them” for everything that happens to them. However, free will still superseded contracts and therefore anyone can exert power over someone else if they want to.

Asking for help doesn’t make someone a victim. Nowhere did I ask Erik to be another Saviour or to be the “new Jesus”. Humanity doesn’t need another Saviour, but it does need heroes – people who have the courage to face the approaching darkness, for the greater good of all.

“The world will need many saviors, many guided and inspired individuals, or human civilization could fail, and that failure could be the most terrible thing that could happen to the human family." - The Voice of the Revelation

Kind Regards,

PS: I’m probably going to have to sleep on the couch tonight ;)

South Africa
InMySacredSpace said Feb 19, 2015 13:39:53
Does free will really supersede contracts? According to Erik, you have free will, so long as it doesn't interfere with your destiny, and your higher self is always in control. Although I don't put all of my stock in what Erik's words alone, that concept makes a lot of sense to me, from the multidimensional standpoint. The difference in conscious awareness of when higher self is acting vs. ego is so incredibly subtle, not many would notice, particularly not those who practice no intuitive discernment.

I'm of the opinion that there are no mistakes, for many reasons. (

The belief that there is such a thing as darkness feeds into the illusion of duality and perpetuates the cycle - that there is a "battle" between light and dark, that there is such a thing as right and wrong (particularly from a divine perspective) puts us immediately into a fear-based mentality.

Darkness is an illusion arising from the spiritual amnesia we enter when we come here. We forget that there is nothing but love ("I have sent you nothing but angels") and fear begins to grow. A necessary thing for growth and evolution, but it is not permanent. Eventually, we must remember who we really are - love - and let go of the illusion in favor of truth, which is unity. That can only be done when one stops resisting "darkness" and instead embraces it with love and which point, it will disappear, because you will have realized it was never there to begin with. When one comes to such a realization, their fate is no longer out of their hands because fear no longer makes them believe in it. That is the point you begin to consciously create your life, rather than living at the mercy of the fear that lurks in the mind.
Peter said Feb 19, 2015 18:51:47
Hi, Ash

Yes, free will really does supersede contracts. If it didn’t we wouldn’t need to make contracts in the first place.

“The belief that there is such a thing as darkness ...”. So if we just ignore the darkness it will go away? That might work in lala land. You just try and stop believing in the IRS and let me know when they have gone away ;)

I don’t think it’s just your opinion that “there are no mistakes”. I think you need it to be so. This spiritual theory allows one to not feel empathy for the suffering in the world as there are no "victims" or "mistakes" - everything was obviously contracted beforehand. One can now blissfully enjoy one's life while innocent people are been abused, because it's all their fault, and even discourage others (heroes) from helping them.

You have an interesting perspective on life – I just have a different one.

Kind Regards,

PS: I like your website - its pretty awesome.

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South Africa
InMySacredSpace said Feb 20, 2015 00:07:36
I suppose we'll agree to disagree on contracts, free will and life planning.

Why is it that every time I tell people that they don't need to suffer and that evil isn't real, they immediately think I'm telling them to ignore it? I'm not telling you to ignore it. I'm telling you to reframe the way you think about it. In that process, you realize that things are only evil or dark because you think it so (based upon a limited perspective).

And again with the "you don't feel empathy and suffering" thing. lol (Sorry - not you, had this same discussion with another fellow just a few weeks ago. I feel like I'm listening to a recording). Understanding that the things we label as "evil" exist with purpose and that they are planned in advance doesn't mean there's no empathy for the plight of human kind.

I do find it frustrating from time to time that people don't understand that the quickest way out of hell is to go through it, though.

The only reason these contracts exist and continue to be played out is because people continually look at these actions and respond with fear instead of love. And to quote the blog post I linked on your other post - "So long as the opportunity presents itself and the majority of people choose fear over love… the cycle will continue, because it’s self-perpetuated. And those whose spiritual contracts are to participate in these events and be the instigators will continue doing their duty of giving us the choice, waiting for us to choose love."

It’s giving you the opportunity to make a choice – will the anger and fear that you feel be reflected back out into the world through your choices and actions resultant from those feelings, thus continuing the cycle?
Or will you respond with unconditional love, which is the ultimate statement of who you want to be and simultaneously ends the fear cycle and begins a new one based in love?

I've never discouraged anyone from helping anyone or said anything remotely of the sort. I'm sitting here right now, trying to help you. I've only said that people have the power to help themselves, they always have, and they always will. And we can end this "mess" any time we choose, by simply choosing love over fear.

Perhaps you should grab a copy of Conversations With God (books 1-3). It's rather thorough on all of this, much as Erik is.

And thanks on the site - I designed it myself.
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