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Living in fear.

posted Feb 06, 2015 22:04:59 by MikeyManker

So I am brand new to this forum. I discovered all of this (Erik, Jamie, Elisa) after searching the web/youtube for answers.

Here is my problem.

About a few weeks ago I have developed this absolutely paralyzing fear of death/and crippling anxiety. I've always known in the back of my mind I would pass one day, but lately it seems its going to happen sooner than later. And more tragic then I would want. It's gotten to the point where I sometimes do not even want to leave my house because of fear of an accident.

I am also a performer and I have been turning down road gigs because of the fear of an accident. One of the gigs I am thinking of turning down is a charity gig to send terminally ill children to summer camp.

I sent Elisa an email introducing myself and explaining my fears. She immediately responded and told me its usually related to a death you had in a previous life/future life. But still, I can't rationalize that.

I have never been one to fear anything. I am a thrill seeker (roller coasters, public speaking, travel)but now I can't even imagine getting on a roller coaster this Summer or taking a much needed vacation to visit friends/family.

So anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. A sign, visit, something to calm myself and get my life back where it needs to be.

Best wishes,

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InMySacredSpace said Feb 08, 2015 16:49:34
Perhaps you should look into a past life regression. It can be helpful with such things.

A book you might want to read is Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss.
MikeyManker said Feb 08, 2015 20:18:06
Will do! Thank you
InMySacredSpace said Feb 09, 2015 13:03:57
Oh, another good book(s) is Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, and his followup to that one, the name of which escapes me at the moment (it's something else "of Souls").
goodvibes said Feb 10, 2015 04:10:50
I hope your fear diminishes soon, it wouldnt be fair to go through life scared, sending good vibes!
MikeyManker said Feb 10, 2015 06:38:10
Thank you much! I have good and bad days. Today was bad.
JaneGulbronsonRiddle said Feb 16, 2015 02:58:53
Just a thought, but have you started any new medication lately? I had bad reaction to some medication. Praying for positive results.
MikeyManker said Feb 16, 2015 10:50:41
To be quite honest. It happened after I had a spiritual awakening after taking mushrooms back in early January. I think that, combined with the stress of a major show I had coming up, combined with using marijuanna in place of alcohol (kind of over do it with booze sometimes) is what set it off.

I thought it would go away but it hasnt
Peter said Feb 16, 2015 18:47:50
Sadhguru Says: Fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind - living in tomorrow. The only thing you can do about this, is to come down to reality. If you respond/act on what is in front of you and not with some imaginary 'what ifs' that don't exist, then there is no room for fear. Once the hallucination is gone, where is the fear? So, stop taking drugs, eat clean and masturbate often ;)

South Africa
MikeyManker said Feb 17, 2015 10:34:37
deal. haha
HannahMarieChisholmMaloney said Feb 23, 2015 21:29:44
Hi I have had drug problems over the years and struggled with many ups and downs in life. I only really started thinking about dying recently myself because I've had health issues in the last 2 yrs including my husband, it's been the worst few yrs of my life, but since listening to Erik on u tube and getting a more clearer picture of dying I have been a little calmer about the idea of it all. Remember it comes to us all,but from what Erik has explained we kind of make our own destiny when we pass over, it's how we imagine it to be really to a certain extent. Think of all the positive things in life and how you would like to perceive life after death and you will make your own destiny. Remember you'll have loved one meet you and imagine yourself going to a better place, a place where there is no judgement, no time to worry about, colours that are unimaginable to look at. I think this is the best way to look at dying, the more relaxed about you are about dying the better the outcome will be at the other end. Just remember live your life now and enjoy it whilst your here, make the most of the presious moments and cherish them, love every moment of what's important. My hubby is a singer and he struggles to go out to sing because of his mental condition on occasion. Its so sad because his such a talented human being and his kind of given up on his dreams in the last year, it breaks my heart. But I give him the right support and I try to encourage him as much as possible. Try not to think about the what ifs, but the here and now and term you'll make it as beautiful as you want it to be. Enjoy what your good at and reach for the stars, don't give up because you'll never get back the years that are important otherwise. I hope I've helped a little 🙏 if you ever want to chat please feel free to e mail me
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MikeyManker said Feb 24, 2015 12:16:39
Yeah Hannah, I am in the same boat as your husband. I'm turning down gigs left and right, staying in bed all hours of the day, and barely leaving my place because of this. I scheduled a group phone call with Jamie, but its not till May. I hope I can make it till then :)

My biggest fear is going before my parents. My mom has had such a shitty life and the last thing she need is to see her son in that state. I know that Elisa is dealing with that. I applaud her for being as strong as she is, and I DO NOT wish that on anyone, ever.

We'll see what happens.
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