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The Meaning of life: Compassion from Suffering. Patience from Waiting... Then we ascend...

posted Jan 22, 2015 03:48:46 by StanleyPlock
Order from Chaos.
Compassion from Suffering.
Patience from Waiting.
Spiritual Evolution...

Whether we were suddenly created or we "fell" from a higher dimension...

Some call this The Lucifer Experiment (Rebellion).

Then when we have compassion... we go to "heaven" where desires manifest, as in a Lucid Dream.

Here's what I've been posting recently. Erik's story is "the icing on the cake" for me.


Best Wishes,
Stan Plock
San Jose CA

This should be fascinating to my fellow Truth Seekers.

Please review. You may never get the chance again.

This is Totally Awesome if you understand it!

If you're happy with what "they" tell you to believe, then move on and don't waste your time.
But if you don't know this, you're missing a LOT about how this all fits together...!

Best Wishes,
Stan P.

Complete update with References:
I do a lot of thinking about why there is so much evil and suffering .
(Since my mom passed over 45 years ago. When I was 10.) 
This all came into my mind recently. I feel that it must be shared.
This simple theory makes a lot of sense to me. And I believe it will make sense to any open-minded individual.

Brief Summary:
In Atlantis / Eden we were in 4th Density oneness of consciousness.
We "fell" to lower density (3rd Density) to become SEPARATED from Universal Consciousness.
Some call this Separation from "God": "THE LUCIFER EXPERIMENT". (or Rebellion)
Being Separated, we needed to learn COMPASSION from SUFFERING.
When we have enough compassion... we ascend back up to 4D (The other side / Astral Lucid-Dream-like).
Thoughts/Desires manifest instantly. But since we'll have compassion there is no need for RULES or PUNISHMENT.
It will be HEAVEN.
But we must "go through hell" FIRST (after the fall from 4D).

Hell (evil & suffering) is not a punishment. It's a LESSON.

You only get stuck in hell if you have too much anger and fear.

We are not sent to hell AFTER life and held forever for any form of disobedience.
That would be Pointless and CRUEL.
That theory is a blatant LIE to get us to FEAR GOD.
Fear of God and Judgment will get you stuck in the Lower Astral after physical death.

There are different related subjects in an outline format. With plenty of space to read-between-the-lines.
And a bit of repetition, I admit. For emphasis.
Key words are Capitalized for easy reference for people (like myself) who wish to scan large articles rather that having to read through dense paragraphs.
It's easier to go back looking for key words in each section.

I hope you enjoy this philosophy as much as I do.

Best Wishes,
Stan P.

Details and references in my lengthy post below:


The Mother of all Conspiracies:

“Fear of God”

WARNING: It is a VERY BAD SIN to OMIT WORDS from the Bible to intentionally change the meaning. Especially to DECEIVE THE MASSES. (Preachers be wary.)

We are TOLD that God forbid Adam & Eve from “eating the fruit of the Tree of KNOWLEDGE”.

That is an outright LIE! The biggest lie of ALL TIME!!!

There never was a “Tree of KNOWLEDGE”.

It was the tree of “the knowledge of good & evil” which would more correctly be interpreted as “JUDGMENT. Judgment is the root cause of WAR & SUFFERING.

Yes, we were WARNED. Not PUNISHED.

WE CAUSE THE SUFFERING by not heeding God's WARNING about “the knowledge of (differentiation between) Good & Evil”

It would seem that “God” allows evil to exist for some reason.

What if Suffering is the ONLY way we learn COMPASSION.

Not in one lifetime but over thousands of years.

Most souls may be newer arrivals (because the population is 7 Billion).
Not everyone has been around forever.

New souls to 3D earth need (maybe even chose) more “fires of hell” to
become truly compassionate / empathic to ascend to “heaven”.

The Illuminati believe in “Order through Chaos”.
Perhaps creation is just that. Everything from NOTHING.
How was God supposed to know everything BEFORE it happened?
If God already knew WE would desire the “knowledge of good & evil” (judgment)... then why bother creating us?
Did God know what life in the 20th century would be like? Or that there would be so many wars and so much suffering?
Maybe... Maybe not.
I believe it was more like: “To be... or not to be?”
We (and God) were entering the unknown because, literally nothing was known or existed at that time,
And so it began.

Since “The knowledge of good & evil” is the FOUNDATION of Christianity, it seems worth INTERPRETING PROPERLY!
Something this important shouldn't be left to the rulers to interpret for us.
Bible OMISSION is a very BAD SIN too! Especially if you are deceiving the masses.
Yes, the Vatican is involved too. They are the center of Satanistic Evil.
They owned the bank before the Rothschilds did. (Knights Templar)

Are we “eyes & ears” of God, separated to experience life and learn compassion through suffering (among other things like patience... The suffering seems like forever...!).

The Illuminati can separate human consciousness through fear & trauma with projects MK Ultra / Montauk, etc. So why can't “God”?

Some say that TIME does not exist in the higher dimensions... so “God” (the Matrix/whatever...) would have a broader view that should include infinite timelines. But we are limited by linear time.

We might “retire” in a world similar to a LUCID DREAM where Desires manifest instantly.
But we may need traits like compassion and patience first.
Once we learn compassion, we can end the judgment and suffering ourselves.
I don't expect someone to “save” us. It seems to be a natural learning experience that will end itself when we desire it enough.

Many people believe we may have started on a higher dimension (less density) and we fell to (or even VOLUNTEERED to spend time in) a lower density. All the “curses” that accompanied “THE FALL” were part of the suffering or “forging of our souls" (Spiritual ALCHEMY) that was to follow.

I believe this is also called "The LUCIFER EXPERIMENT".
Intentional Separation from Universal Consciousness (aka "God")
(Note: Not the Stanford “Lucifer” experiment.)

Some believe that “The Garden of Eden” existed in a higher "density" (4th Density) before we “Fell” to earth and the lower vibration and SEPARATION they call”3rd Density”.
4th Density would be like a Lucid Dream or Astral Travel experience.
Thoughts create matter.

Some say the pyramids (maybe the entire earth) may have been created by THOUGHT as in a Lucid Dream and “lowered” into “reality” of 3d density.
And Atlantis was also in 4D. Before “The Fall”.
Some say the entire earth fell from 4D to 3D.

Some say that sex and probably everything else was monitored by the “Watcher” angels before “Adam & Eve” “fell to earth”.

The Old Testament is mostly LAWS & PUNISHMENT.

Are we evolving from a species that needs to be regulated to the teeth to one that has enough COMPASSION to be SELF-REGULATING with NO LAWS or PUNISHMENT because there are NO CRIMES. Who wants to hurt someone IF they know how it feels? (Except Generational Satanists who have no compassion. No Feeling. Is it their DNA?)

We would need a lot of compassion (and Patience too) to exist in a higher dimension where THOUGHTS/DESIRES MANIFEST INSTANTLY.

There probably would be no laws... except that your compassion won't allow you to hurt anyone else.

Everything you desire without causing harm to anyone...?

This is NOT what the NWO has in mind for us. But I have a strong feeling the Illuminati aren't going to rule much longer. Our need to experience suffering to gain compassion may be near an end.

The only question seems to be:



And ends with ARRESTING the evil bastards.



Fear is the absence of Love.
Love is the absence of fear.
-A Course in Miracles

Does anyone else know that “The knowledge of Good & evil” was supposed to be a warning about judgment?

Most people ADD or TAKE AWAY to intentionally change the true meaning and make God to be a TOTAL PSYCHO and Satan a Liberator! That's a VERY BIG NO-NO! 

Preachers be wary. Especially if you influence a lot of people.

God NEVER Forbid us from seeking Knowledge. 

The most likely Reason for Our Existence would most likely be...


In other words: We have to literally go through hell to get to heaven.

We likely "fell" from heaven (Eden, Atlantis) where we existed in 4D. 
I believe the Grey's, Pleiadians, etc. may still be in 4D and not yet "fallen" completely into 3D SEPARATION.


We did not need INTERNAL EMPATHY when we were "one" (hive-like mind).

And when we ascend back to 4D (heaven, Eden, etc.) we won't need rules or supervision because we now have Compassion.

People assume (and are very Intentionally CONDITIONED to believe) that physical matter is all there is.
And anything etheric is just a dream.
But Astral Travelers and NDE experiencers report a much different reality “above” that actually seems and feels MORE REAL than 3D earth.

Heaven seems to be a Lucid-Dream-like consciousness where thoughts instantly manifest.

That is why we have to be “conditioned” first before we're allowed in the higher realms.

A few questions...

Is our Junk DNA from our ancestors in Atlantis / Eden?
Did we once have Telepathy, Teleportation and Instant Manifestation powers?
Was this a higher dimension where we were more “connected” (Telepathy/Empathy)?

Is ELITE Royalty DNA from The Anunnaki/Reptilian/Grey/Demon+? (lacking compassion)?

Was "The Tower of Babel" our effort to RESTORE OUR ORIGINAL DNA to be as powerful as the gods again?

Would Watcher Angels have any reproductive organs or lust for the opposite sex?

Would Anunnaki Gold Miners (possibly working here without female companionship) be a more likely sex offender?

Comments welcome...


A theory...

Based on Quantum Physics.

Some physicists say that Space & Time have a flip-side called Time/Space.
Where Time & Space DO NOT EXIST

Even this reality is an ILLUSION created by Max Plank's MATRIX Consciousness.

So... If there was an intelligence (or SUPER-Computer of some sort) capable of CREATING 3D Reality...

It would not be limited by Time or Space.

So... "IT" could do absolutely EVERYTHING in absolutely NO TIME
and... Travel Absolutely Everywhere Absolutely IMMEDIATELY.

The only problem is “IT” NEEDS TO BE PROGRAMMED.

That's where we come in as "God's" eyes & ears, even though it may well be that we don't even exist in a physical reality. We may only believe we live in a physical universe because that's what THE MATRIX (Mind of “God”) creates as our visible reality.

That makes it easier to believe in less dense realities that are similar to a Lucid Dream or Astral Travel.

Some researchers believe that HUMAN / ANIMAL HYBRIDS were created because they were easier to POSSESS. The “Hive Mentality” or psychic abilities seemed better than ours. 

Thoth, Baphamet, etc.


The entities never tell us exactly WHY we are SUFFERING so much.

I believe that Suffering is how we gain COMPASSION after "the Fall" from 4D.

But they are NOT ALLOWED to intervene and tell us THE TRUTH.

Maybe we have to realize this ourselves:

We gain Compassion from Suffering. (How else?)
That's a very big part of life's lessons.

Then we "retire" in 4D again but we won't need supervision because we have Compassion / Empathy.
Heaven is the Upper Astral where desires manifest into reality.

Some say that even though it's Less Dense... it seems MORE REAL than 3D Earth. (Heaven)

No negative emotions there. just compassion.

Reincarnation seems to end "when the heart is as light as a feather".

No anger or hatred, just understanding.

Simply... "We got to go through hell to get to heaven."

Doesn't everyone know that...?


Some References:

Cathy O-Brien (CIA mind-controlled sex slave.)
Jay Parker (Born into Illuminati Family)
Peggy Kane (EVP / Reverse Speech / Astral Contact / Reptilians)
David Icke (Reptilians / Illuminati)
Maxwell Jordan (History of Religion)
Mark Passio (Anunnaki / Fallen Angels / Advanced Civilizations - DNA Manipulation / Ex Satanic Priest )
Bill Schnoebelen (90th Deg. Mason / Satanist / Christian Priest / Mormon...)
Dolores Cannon (Ascension / Universal Consciousness)
Michael Tellinger (Anunnaki African Ruins, Free Energy, Creation of Slave Race)

Introduction to Quantum Physics:

Spirit Science 12 The Human History Movie:

Also check out: ASTRAL TRAVEL. (Robert Monroe and others...)

Time Travel & Mind Control:
Al Bielek
Stewart Swerdlow,
Duncan Cameron,
Preston Nichols
Andrew Basiago
Laura Eisenhower

An excerpt from an Astral Travel book:

Astral Projection : Amazing Journeys Outside Your Body By Abhishek Agarwal
© All Rights Reserved. Visit Page 83
“The Astral Plane
The Astral Plane is very real, seeming much more solid and vibrant than the Physical world. It’s
a world without any need for money, work or any of the other trappings of a physical existence.
Those who have visited the Astral planes find themselves in an environment where all senses
seem greatly magnified. These senses are not our normal physical senses, but inner astral senses.
Thoughts can actually be seen to take shape instantly and anything desired can be instantly
manifested by means of the powers of the imagination in the very process of creation. This is
also why the Astral worlds are known as the “desire worlds” and the Astral body known as the
“desire body”. This fact that Man creates with his thoughts and feelings in the Astral world
shows the truth in the occult statement that Man is a "god in the making". It shows that we can
be supremely creative.
Once you are out in the Astral plane, you will find that it vibrates at a much higher frequency
than the Physical plane. There is no gravity on the Astral plane. Time and space are distorted as
compared to the Physical. As a result, time can pass differently than in the physical.
Here, thought plays an integral part, and simply imagining something in the Astral can cause it to
form. Since this is where all of our hopes, desires, and dreams can essentially become reality, the
Astral plane is also known as the emotional plane.
In the Astral plane there is no need for food, clothing, shelter and sleep.We have true freedom. It
is our will that sustains and heals us, and our will that creates the realm in our image. The Astral
planes are made of focused mental energy. In the spirit world thoughts create reality, and we
frequently create what we are familiar with.”...

“When we are out of the body, communication is accomplished by thought-transference
(Telepathy). Since our waking habits have taught us to use our vocal chords and our lips, we may
sometimes find ourselves communicating verbally. But it is not necessary at all. The utilization
of telepathy means that every soul understands every other soul without any language barrier. All
communication is done by thoughts, and words are done away with.
This kind of non-verbal communication can occur between you and any other living entity,
human or non-human, irrespective of the language of the entities.”


There's a You tube Video called "The Legend Of Atlantis" - A 6 Hour Encyclopedia of our hidden past. Explains Higher Dimensions and our “Mission” through very ancient history...

This was the “icing on the cake” for me...
Channeling Erik: Erik Discusses the Afterlife, Part One

Best Wishes,
Stan P.

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21 replies
StanleyPlock said Jan 22, 2015 04:00:53
I'm surprised that neither Jesus or Buddha explained the simplicity of spiritual evolution.

They don't mention separation of consciousness or us being in a higher dimension a while back, either. (Eden / Atlantis / Hyperboria / Mars, etc...)

We're very intentionally and obviously being kept in the DARK for some reason.
They don't want us to know how powerful we really are and how to use our powers.
They even use technology against us. Spiritual warfare. But for a reason allowed by the Creator(s):
Suffering creates COMPASSION.

Insights are welcome... Maybe they aren't allowed to come out and say it right out. Maybe we have to get to the point of unselfishness that we see the truth...

The Illuminati always play both sides - as if directed by "God" (Some higher consciousness that creates this reality of time and space) to create conflicts for us to willingly participate in. So we learn COMPASSION / EMPATHY (mostly) because we are now separated consciousness.

The Illuminati RITUALLY ABUSE (traumatize) their own children to induce split personalities, which seem to be more like DEMON POSSESSIONS.

Best Wishes,
Stan P.
[Last edited Jan 23, 2015 03:19:40]
StanleyPlock said Jan 22, 2015 04:05:30
The Egyptians believed that the Reincarnation Cycle ended when the Heart was as Light as a Feather.

No Guilt, Shame, Anger, Fear, etc.

Just UNDERSTANDING which comes from Compassion... which comes from Suffering.

Alchemy of the heart. Transmuting Suffering into Compassion / Empathy.

Forged by the "FIRES OF HELL".

Yes, we go through hell to get to Heaven.

Life (hell) is not a Punishment. It's a LESSON.

All suffering is "good" from a higher perspective because that is how we gain compassion / empathy after losing our TELEPATHY after the "fall".

Best Wishes,
Stan P.

PS I LOVE ERIK'S INSIGHTS!!! Thanks for the Confirmation of everything I believed.
My shape-shifting castle and time-travel car/spaceship await me... Can't wait for "retirement"...
Lots of beautiful people and no human "zombie slaves". COOL!


Question: Do people who seem to lack compassion get to ascend anyway. Or do they need to keep learning "lessons" (suffering) until they have enough compassion to ascend for good?
Or does it have to do with the fact that TIME doesn't really exist outside this particular illusion? Like we all can play different roles (good/evil) but may be more spritually advanced than we appear in this lifetime?

[Last edited Jan 22, 2015 04:15:55]
InMySacredSpace said Jan 23, 2015 01:25:43
Buddha has said many times that your suffering is self chosen. You suffer when you resist. When you accept, suffering disappears. The more you choose to resist, the more suffering occurs. Your higher self doesn't make you suffer. You do. It merely chooses events and circumstances. How you react to it, emotionally, is your choice.

Quite simple, really.

The purpose of existence is not to learn. Life is not a school. It merely looks that way from your vantage point. The purpose of existence is to EXIST. For god/source to know itself through your eyes, and for you to realize yourself as god/source. In order for god/source to know itself, it must first know what it is not. It can't know what it is not if it already knows what it is. SO it must forget. And so you forget.

The rest of your existence is spent, then, not learning, but rather remembering who you really are. Until eventually you fully realize your god/self.

Your consciousness is never separate. It is always a part of the whole. You simply have created beliefs for yourself that tells you that you are separate. Remove the beliefs and you will be connected once again.

InMySacredSpace said Jan 23, 2015 01:32:29
Oh, and by the way - reincarnation never "ends" because there is no time. And for that matter, it never "begins" either. All moments are happening simultaneously... "now."

You only view time in a linear fashion from your human perspective.
InMySacredSpace said Jan 23, 2015 01:49:39
Furthermore: "It was the tree of “the knowledge of good & evil” which would more correctly be interpreted as “JUDGMENT. Judgment is the root cause of WAR & SUFFERING."

Good and evil - not judgement, per se, but contrast. Duality. You cannot fully understand "good" if you do not know what good is not. The forgetting is what enables contrast. Because God is love. And like I said above, in order for god to know itself, it must first know what it is not. God is love, so it must forget what it is. When you forget that you are love, and all around you is love, then you see a perceived lack of love. It is this perception - judgement - that there is a lack of love which produces evil.

It is also this perception that there is a lack of love which contributes to suffering. It is internal suffering which eventually creates war... by way of materialism. Humans attempt to fix their perceived lack of love with 'things' - material wealth. They want more and more believing it will somehow make them happy but it never does... and it's that mentality which has created the rise of capitalism, which depletes natural resources and then sends militaries into other countries to gain control of more resources to keep their country's economy on top. Social Darwinism is also a contributing factor... at any rate. All of society and the worlds problem boil down to one single thing - a perceived lack of love, particularly for the self.

The conflict of the external world is but a reflection of the conflict within.
StanleyPlock said Jan 23, 2015 02:15:19

"Buddha has said many times that your suffering is self chosen. You suffer when you resist. When you accept, suffering disappears. The more you choose to resist, the more suffering occurs. Your higher self doesn't make you suffer. You do. It merely chooses events and circumstances. How you react to it, emotionally, is your choice.

For me... It;s more like Compassion for those who are suffering.

When my mom was taken, I began to question everything.

Especially: "WHY does God ALLOW Suffering???!!!

I didn't choose for my mom to die. There's not much a child can do to PRETEND it doesn't hurt.

After 45 years, I realized that SUFFERING BRINGS COMPASSION.

That makes so much sense to me and resonates in every cell.

To say people choose to suffer sounds ridiculous from an earthly perspective.

We chose to suffer in the higher dimension (heaven) Before "falling" to physical reality. 3rd density.

There are many undesirable things that happen to me. These are lessons. Most teachers leave this very VAGUE for a reason.
They are not supposed to tell us "the answer". That suffering transmutes (alchemically) into EMPATHY / COMPASSION which we did not have after mental SEPARATION.

What's interesting also is that the Illuminati RITUALLY ABUSE / TORTURE their children to ALLOW DEMONS IN. Like Beyonce and Nikki Minaj. Ant the Mickey Mouse Club.

So I can choose not to care? That sounds like the ritual at Bohemioan Grove for the Satanists in charge.
It's called "Cremation of Care" Google Alex Jones.

Best Wishes,
Stan P.
StanleyPlock said Jan 23, 2015 02:24:07
"The purpose of existence is not to learn. Life is not a school. It merely looks that way from your vantage point. The purpose of existence is to EXIST. For god/source to know itself through your eyes, and for you to realize yourself as god/source."

Well, yes very basically.
But more specifically: We learn Compassion from Suffering.

Is that not true?
Is there not MUCH SUFFERING??? (in 3rd density?)
To pretend out history was non-violent would be ignoring 99% of it.

So WHY? Because 3rd density is a school. From all vantage points.

Compassion from Suffering.
Patience from Waiting.
Order from Chaos.

Maybe someday I can turn off my empathy like Buddha. But I'm not "ripe" yet spiritually.
I believe I need more "fertilizer".

I recently realized from Jesus's channeling that we can also get compassion/empathy from watching others suffer. That explains a lot!

I also believe we may have averted WW3 and major earth changes because we were made aware of the possible outcome and choose a different timeline. (Al Bielek -Philadelphia experiment - had these catastrophic events happening in 2004. It didn't happen on this timeline. Maybe all we needed was to be AWARE and have GOOD INTENT.

We "passed the test".

Best Wishes,
Stan P.
[Last edited Jan 23, 2015 03:26:07]
StanleyPlock said Jan 23, 2015 02:30:51
Oh, and by the way - reincarnation never "ends" because there is no time. And for that matter, it never "begins" either. All moments are happening simultaneously... "now."

And all is one. Time and space do not exist. But not from this perspective.

Long ago I came across the idea that 3rd density was created because we would be too dangerous with 4th density SUPER-POWERS and NO COMPPASSION.

It wasn't until age 56 that I saw THE KEY!

We get compassion (empathy) from suffering.

Why else would God put us through this crap? And why would we voluntarily choose to come here and suffer if there was NO REASON???

Ignoring why we suffer doesn't explain anything to me.


Stan P.
StanleyPlock said Jan 23, 2015 02:34:27
Good and evil - not judgement, per se, but contrast. Duality. You cannot fully understand "good" if you do not know what good is not. "

Yes, that's what THEY tell you.

But... It's really JUDGMENT.

sorry again,

The Satanists in charge want us to believe God is punishing us for wanting knowledge.
That is THE BIG LIE!

But they are NOT ALLOWED to change the text. HAHA on them...

Stan P.
StanleyPlock said Jan 23, 2015 02:39:16
It is also this perception that there is a lack of love which contributes to suffering."

Love IS COMPASSION / Empathy.

Suffering creates empathy / compassion.

empathy / compassion IS LOVE.


When we have enough compassion we can end the suffering (hell) and bring Heaven to Earth.

We have to "go through hell" to get to heaven.

When we were in "Eden" (heaven before the separation / fall) we had TELEPATHIC EMPATHY. But not internalized as needed after separation.

Best Wishes,
Stan P.
StanleyPlock said Jan 23, 2015 02:41:50
A Youtube video called Spirit Science explains the Lucifer Experiment and separation from Universal Consciousness. in the tale of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Stan P.
StanleyPlock said Jan 23, 2015 03:00:28
"Hell" is very efficient.
God only needed to create a small number of "people"??? mostly alien DNA... to create the Chaos (suffering), wars and financial slavery system. The Central Bank eats our interest and does not belong to We the People at all. Our money is then used to control us via the news media, entertainment and sports.

As long as we continue to kill each other because they say so... and as long as we allow Them to steal our money and use it to control us... we will continue to suffer and not know even WHY. Maybe forever...

Some of us may be older souls and have enough compassion and patience to live in a higher dimension without destroying ourselves. But earth may be around for new souls to learn compassion from direct suffering.

Maybe the Hundredth-Monkey Effect will allow new souls to "absorb" compassion from older souls who have suffered longer?
(The Energy Field, Matrix or DNA)
It seems that Illuninati (Blue Bloods - copper based not iron red), Greys and Reptilians all lack compassion because they have not yet "fallen" to 3rd density.

I wonder if Jesus's Self-Sacrifice was more than just an example to follow but may have effected our Universal Consciousness Grid as in the hundredth monkey effect...? hmmmm....?

Insights and questions are welcome...

This is an awesome subject and I love discussing these things with other open-minded people.

I believe that people will and need to realize that Suffering was part of "GOD"S PLAN". If it was even planned...?

Best Wishes,
Stan P.

[Last edited Jan 23, 2015 03:03:27]
InMySacredSpace said Jan 23, 2015 21:34:20
You say "why does God allow" suffering, as though what happens to you is somehow outside of your control. You are god made manifest, just as each and every person on this planet. So why do you allow yourself to suffer?

Each person chooses it. And they choose it here, not up in Heaven - there is no suffering there. Your higher self chooses circumstances. How your react is your choice. You can choose to cling to negative emotions and thus suffer, or you can choose to let them go. Some people choose to learn through this process, but make no mistake, it is not "allowed" by anyone but you. And the fact that you learn from it doesn't take away from the fact that you choose it :) And choosing not to suffer is not the equivalent of shutting off all empathy and not caring for others. It simply means that you accept that they have chosen their path - which is to remain attached to negative emotions. And you accept that you have chosen yours - which is to let go of that attachment. (The moment you realize that it is a choice, you no longer HAVE to suffer. The "lesson" is over. You've successfully "remembered" that you need not suffer, and so you don't).

It only sounds ridiculous because you haven't yet realized how your beliefs (most of which are conditioned) are responsible for your emotion reactions and those beliefs are rooted in a single belief that there is somehow a lack of love. The more you "remember" and integrate your higher self (actually it's peeling away layers of the ego) the more "lessons" you learn (but really it's remembering) and the less fear-based beliefs you hold (which are rooted in the belief that there is a lack of love).

The undesirable things that happen to you are only "undesirable" because you have judged them to be, based on your beliefs about what is and is not desirable. "Good" and "Bad". And certainly those things serve a purpose, but remember - they are your own creation and you can uncreate them at any time through acceptance and transcendence. But you are not learning anything. You are merely remembering more of who you really are - God. It only looks like learning to you because you cannot remember where you came from.

Your soul doesn't choose to come to earth to learn anything. It already knows everything there is to know, because it is a part of God, which IS everything. It desires to experience that which it knows. For example, as a child, you know what romantic love is, logically, yet you do not know what it feels like until you experience it. As a spirit, you know what suffering is, but you do not know what it feels like. As a spirit, you know what forgiveness is, but you do not know what it feels like. And in order for you to feel forgiveness, you must have someone to forgive. So we come here and forget that we ARE love, and play out these experiences in many differing states of remembering.

You should read Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. It's just about the best thing out there, in my opinion.

About demons - just like everything in this world, what you believe, you create:

Me: Well, why are demons demons? Why would they wan to do that?
Erik: What, to fuck things up?
Me: Yeah!
Erik: Well, because it plays a role for some people on Earth that they want to experience it; they want to believe in them. You know, people have a belief in demons! So, they exist, they’re real in their inner environment.

He has also said that possession doesn't happen unless a soul specifically contracts to have that experience or creates it through their own beliefs.

Erik: No, no. It’s totally based on the level of vibration of the spirit you’re dealing with... Now, if you are strongly laying down a boundary, and you are saying, “Here are the rules,” your intent, your whatever, then we can’t cross them even if we wanted to.
Me: Okay. Even the mean spirits?
Erik: Yes, even the mean spirits. But as soon as you have a weakness, a crack, they can work at it, and work at it, and work at it, and with persistence we can get through. So, you gotta have a strong belief system.

In yet another post, he says that the energies we label as demons are actually just earthbound spirits who have been stuck here for a very long time - but that's all it is. A label.

Nothing exists in your spectrum of reality unless you grant it permission and call it into being through your beliefs and your matching vibration - that goes for demons and evil spirits, etc. etc. It's just energy.. negatively polarized energy.

Erik: And to answer your original question, Mom, everything is just a gradation of good or of Light. What you call evil or demonic is just at the lower end of the spectrum.

Again - the reason for existence is experience. For god to know itself.

Also, there is no such thing as Satan. Or hell.

Me: Are their any evil spirits, Erik?
Erik: Oh, no! Any kind of evil takes place when a soul is in a human body on the earthly plane. Some humans act evil, because it’s part of an in-between lives agreement with someone in their soul group, or they’ve just been really fucked up during their lives on the earth. But when they die, they have a clearer perspective of why they did evil things. They get therapy. Now, some spirits are more evolved than others.
Me: Yeah.
Erik: And of course we keep our personalities, so some souls are mischievous, impulsive, but evil? No. There’s no such thing as the devil or Hell either.

God does not punish anyone. For anything. God also has no judgement. It is YOU who judges things as good and evil based on your own beliefs about what is and isn't moral. What you perceive as "evil" is an illusion, and it only exists because you hold a belief that it does - which is really rooted in a belief that there is a lack of love. You haven't yet integrated what Erik is saying up there about everything being some degradation of Love. Or that the "they" you see "out there" are actually aspects of God as well, which means that "they" are also aspects of "you".

There are no "old" or "new" souls, except from your perspective within time. All souls are experiencing their lives NOW.

Seriously though... get a copy of Conversations with God, books 1-3. Also I suggest reading this blog from the beginning through the first 3 years worth of posts. Mostly everything after that is a bit repetitious. Regardless, everything I said up there is all in the blog. And Conversations with God.

Some other really good higher level resources - Bashaar (youtube), Seth Speaks (book), Abraham-Hicks (youtube).

If you're into aliens, The Custodians by Delores Cannon and the Convoluted Universe series.

And for secret societies, I recommend The Secret History of the World by Mark Booth.

StanleyPlock said Jan 24, 2015 01:54:39
"Buddha has said many times that your suffering is self chosen. You suffer when you resist. When you accept, suffering disappears. The more you choose to resist, the more suffering occurs. Your higher self doesn't make you suffer. You do."

That explains why Buddha always has such a BIG SMILE all the time.

I guess Blissful Ignorance just isn't my life's mission this time around.


This seems to be my mission at this time.

So looking at it from the bigger picture (time & space) doesn't seem relevant at this time.

Maybe AFTER I feel I have fulfilled my life's purpose, maybe I can be blissfully ignorant.

Your advise is GOOD. But mot right for ME at this time.
I am trying to explain to other why suffering has been so much a part of the lesson.
I think this (suffering)is too big to completely ignore at this time. Maybe later is OK for me...
It seems to be a big and UNANSWERED QUESTION in a lot of people's minds. We're not all at your level, yet.
Please be patient... Thanks!

I meet a lot of people that have NO COMPASSION for other's suffering. I sincerely believe they will have to experience suffering themselves to feel real empathy (because we no longer have Telepathy in 3rd density.)

Everything you say is true from a higher perspective for sure!

But I'm not in heaven right now even though Jesus claims it is "at hand".

Thanks for trying to help me... but I believe I have to take a few more steps before I can laugh like Buddha.

Jesus SUFFERED for us. Does that mean anything?
What would Bhuddha have done in the same circumstances?

Why does Jamie feel sorrow from Jesus but not from Buddha?
Insights are appreciated. Thanks!

I'd like to turn this compassion thing off at some point. But "Cremating of CARE" is a Satanic Ritual.
Doesn't sound very spiritually evolving to me.

Compassion is feeling the suffering of others and feeling compelled to help stop the suffering.
Blissful ignorance doesn't seem very spiritual to me. Nor beneficial to mankind's evolution.
Everyone is selfish and ignores and uses others, causing more suffering.
Please enlighten me...

Best Wishes,
Stan P.
StanleyPlock said Jan 24, 2015 02:02:07
Jamie also mentioned the difference between Buddha and Jesus was that one was from the HEART and the other the MIND.

I believe Jesus must be HEART because Jamie felt overwhelmed with emotion with Jesus and Not Buddha who just smiled all the time for no apparent reason he could/would explain.

I suppose Buddhas smile was based on INTELLECT...??? How does that work? I could use that knowledge, myself someday.
Do you just CHOOSE to ignore all the suffering? Why doesn't Jesus just do that and get rid of all that sorrow?

Insights are appreciated. I really want to understand how this works although I don't agree that suffering is a choice (except when the contract was made before the amnesia). I believe suffering is necessary to transmute alchemically into COMPASSION.

Just seems so right.

Best Wishes,
Stan P.

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