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Send Jesus to my dreams and my daughter's dreams.

posted Jan 11, 2015 18:12:19 by ChristySteen
Can Eric contact Jesus and see if he could come to my daughter and my dreams?
We have has a rough couple of years and I really need this year to be better then we've had.

Regarding $, food, clothing, safe housing environment. It seems to be hard to find some thing that
fits what we need. I am on my 3rd appeal for SSD for my back and for some depression problems. I need a
security income and not worry about some thing popping up to take it away. I think when Eric comes to me and my home he will see what I mean and how I'm feeling.

Please .... I'll post back for any updates that I get in my dreams. OH YA.... I do dream but there are many
times I don't remember then when I wake up.... I NEED to remember these dreams.

Thank you,
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