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My Tyler 7-10-95 to 5-30-11

posted Jan 01, 2015 22:29:26 by mmcneill
I also lost my son to suicide and it has devastated my family as it does so many others. We have so many questions and very few answers. He was, and still is for me.... a charming, charismatic, athletic, smart, handy, strong and extremely good looking soul. Although I understand depression more now than then...I still do not understand how I missed it. It haunts me, and my other children. His brother, who is young and lost...feels we should join him, as he is only now 8, 5 at the time of his death. His sister, older than he, lost her best friend. I also lost my best friend. He was my child and so much like myself in so many ways. He was the one I could talk to and not having him here is so painful. We miss him so damn much!
I lost my son on May 30, 2011 to suicide. He left behind a lot of friends, a younger brother and an older sister..and me his mom.
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Milann Aldag said Jan 03, 2015 04:22:25
We just lost our 14 year old son in September. Never saw it coming. Arthur was always happy, smiling and laughing. Never any signs of depression that we caught. Of course hind site is 20/20 and I realize now that what we thougt were normal teenage things for him were not. It is devistating. He was also my best friend. We did everything together. I homeschool my children so we were together all the time as well. Our entire family is still so lost without him. I started a blog just to have a place to vent really. It helps me so much. I'm sorry for your loss.
kellywilliamsmom said Jan 13, 2015 14:41:58
I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful son, Tyler. Also for you, momofwarrior, for your 14 year old son, I am so terribly sorry. I understand how you feel. We lost our youngest son, Sam on March 2, 2013, he was 18 at the time. He died of an accidental shooting in our living room. He was my constant companion, my husband called him “Little Kelly”...we were so much alike, we spoke without words, talked all the time. Did projects together. I also home schooled for a while, quit my job to be home with the kids full time, we were always, always together. This was the house they all hung out in...I cooked for them all, it was wonderful....not now....I am lost without him, lost. I know he’s here with us, the signs are all here but still.. this house is so empty now and I despise this new life, if that is what it is called. I want to join him, like you said, but I know it’s not my time yet...until then, I look for him in everything, he’s on my mind every day. Having other children does not lessen this loss...none of them can be replaced or placed on a shelf, and as Mothers, how do we help them through this when we are so lost ourselves....Blessings and any shred of peace to you both.
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