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Please help me communicate...

posted Dec 02, 2014 00:17:25 by RobinMason-davis
THIS IS FOR Paul Guthman 43 Portsmouth , ohio. Paul passed june 1 2014, exactly six months today. My story is not special but this person was to me. He is my fiancé and he passed to liver failure due to hep b due to past drug use. He was kind, intelligent and and was everything to me. I've had countless hours researching what I can do to hear from my love
I've tried meditation and after got a dream which immediatly turned into a nightmare. I understand my grief is blocking me. Could Erik help me understand how I can communicate with him and learn to get a response. I'm feeling guilt and I'm afraid of having this burning questions forever. I have been driving myself nutts. We made a pact he would let me know he's okay if he could. I've received nothing. It makes me feel hopeless. It makes me wonder if he is gone like a puff of air. It doesn't matter how much I read . It makes me feel as if I wasn't what I thought we was. Maybe it's lack of connection. I hear other stories like yours and I feel like something is wrong with me. Maybe he is mad at my life choices I made after his death. Maybe he doesn't want to communicate. I have these questions everyday and everyday I think, today I will hear from him. Nothing. Please help me, I would be so lucky. Thanks Robin.
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